NPD arrests two in after-hours stabbing at Norwalk High School

Tyllis Gay, 21, left; Dior Sebastian Bell, 21, right. (Norwalk Police)

NORWALK, Conn. — A Norwalk youth suffered life threatening injuries when he was stabbed in an unprovoked attack Friday evening on the Norwalk High School football field, Norwalk Police said. Two men were arrested, one of them accused of an unprovoked assault on another youth.

In a statement, Norwalk Public Schools said, “We want to remind families that this incident occurred after school hours and the individuals involved were not at Norwalk High School for any school-related events.”

Police were called to the stabbing at 5 p.m., Lt. Joseph Dinho said. Patrol officers aided the victim until emergency medical personnel arrived. The juvenile was sent to Norwalk Hospital.

Officers learned that “two adult non-student males” had been loitering on the adjacent Naramake Elementary School basketball courts, according to Dinho. Officers were told that one of them, 21-year-old Tyllis Gay, had approached a boy playing on the court and punched him in the face. Dior Sebastian Bell, also 21, had stabbed a youth, Dinho said. Both alleged assailants had fled the scene.

Officers found Gay nearby and he engaged them in a foot pursuit, Dinho said. They quickly apprehended him and then found a knife in the vicinity.

Bell was found on Strawberry Hill Avenue and taken into custody, according to Dinho.


Dior Sebastian Bell, 21, of 329 Strawberry Hill Ave.

  • Charges: Assault First, Conspiracy to Commit Assault First, and Loitering in or About School Grounds.
  • Bond: $100,000
  • Court Date: March 31



Tyllis Gay, 21, of 138 Strawberry Hill Ave.

  • Charges: Conspiracy to Commit Assault First Degree, Assault Third Degree, and Loitering in or About School Grounds.
  • Bond: $50,000
  • Court date: March 31


“Norwalk Public Schools applauds the Norwalk Police Department for their swift action in this case. We will continue to support their investigation moving forward,” the district said in a statement. “…The Norwalk Public Schools Crisis Intervention Team will be available at Norwalk High School on Sunday to provide social and emotional support for students, staff and the community. The Crisis Intervention Team will remain at the school throughout next week to provide ongoing support for staff and students.”

  • Norwalk Police anonymous tip line: 203-854-3111
  • Detective Bureau information line: 203-854-1011
  • Norwalk Police website: www.norwalkpd.com
  • Anonymous TEXT tips can be submitted by typing “NORWALKPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to TIP411 (847411)


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12 responses to “NPD arrests two in after-hours stabbing at Norwalk High School”

  1. Skip Hagerty

    Based on the bail amounts, the judge must feel that the assailants, despite being 21 years old, aren’t bad kids. He/she likely believes that they were victims themselves of systemic inequities in our society and therefore it’s not their fault that they can’t control their violent impulses.
    That said, I hope the two innocent kids are OK. No student should ever have to worry about that happening at school.

  2. Bryan Meek

    The judges names should be published along side these ridiculous bonds. Society doesn’t need counseling it needs law and order.

  3. Drew Todd

    They should have been held WITHOUT Bail!! Regardless each criminal should receive at least 15 years without the possibility of parole! Maybe just maybe this State will actually get tough on crime and send a message!

  4. Johnny cardamone

    I went to Naramake in the 1960s ! Whatever happened to being charged with attempted murder!? these two thugs should be sent away to prison work camp down in Texas! They need to learn about life and the privilege of living in a civil society.

  5. David Muccigrosso

    @Skip, why do you feel the need to speculate about the judge’s motivations? Do you have any context for evaluating whether the bails set were appropriate?

    And why do you assume that the assailants were “victims… of systemic inequities”? What are you hoping to accomplish with this commentary?

  6. Skip Hagerty

    The context for my evaluation of the bail amounts was pretty simple:
    They stabbed someone.

  7. David Muccigrosso

    So, you admit you have zero knowledge of what bail is set for in similar cases?

  8. Pete Stuart

    Loitering and Assault? Those charges are laughable. What about attempted murder? If stabbing a child in the liver and lungs only constitutes loitering here, our problems are larger than I realized.

  9. Tysen Canevari

    @David. What is your point? Should we give the two criminals a sticker and send them home? I mean really? They came looking for trouble and attacked two innocent kids playing basketball. Send them to Bpt Correctional facility and they can have all the fun they want there! You sound like Al Sharpton

  10. Kevin Kane

    Whoo…whoa…whoa….relax a bit here. The Bell guy “has prior criminal convictions for possession of a weapon in a correctional facility, first-degree threatening and third-degree burglary, Moran (CT Assistant States Attorney) said Monday. She said he was released from jail in November 2022”.
    So, I mean – really not a threat, just a…ah-hem…experienced individual chilling out on Strawberry Hill. Carrying weapons? In a correctional facility? What is the problem with that?
    Burglary?…all good, let him go in November. Burglary is a nothing burger folks. SMH

  11. David Muccigrosso

    @Tysen… you’re putting words in my mouth. Egregiously so. All I called for was for people to refrain from making groundless accusations at the judge.

    The fact that you process that as me “sound[ing] like Al Sharpton” says more about YOU than it does ME.

  12. Bryan Meek

    According to the hour, Judge Kevin Randolph….and the two men were looking for someone to hurt. Judges need to be held accountable.

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