NPD Officer Ouellette tops list of Norwalk earners for 2015

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Link to complete list of 2015 Norwalk earners at end of story.

NORWALK, Conn. – Police officer Russell Ouellette tops the list of Norwalk’s highest earners for 2015, one of seven Norwalk Police Department officers in the Top 10.

The list was released Tuesday by Norwalk Comptroller Frederic Gilden and reveals what all city employees were paid – salary, extra duty and overtime included – for the calendar year.

Ouellette, a fixture in the Top 10 for several years, earned $212,702.11 in 2015. That figure was down slightly from 2014, when he earned $213,076.63 as the city’s third-highest compensated employee. Former Superintendent of Schools Manny Rivera raked in $250,069.31 in the top spot and Cranbury Elementary Principal Elisa Nelson was second at $214,884.83. Nelson’s pay included severance.

NPD Sgt. Greg Scully was second on the list at $205,873.26, while Officer Javier Mogollon made $198,547.61. Officers Michael Dimeglio and Davie Nieves were fifth and sixth on the list at $190,024.41 and $185,842.41, respectively. Two more officers, George Daley ($184,219.06) and John Haggerty ($184,011.94) were ninth and 10th.

The top non-NPD earner on the list was former Deputy Superintendent of Schools Tony Daddona, who pocketed $197,691.02 in his final year. That figure, the fourth-highest on the list, includes his severance pay, as his employment ended June. 30.

The other two non-NPD employees in the Top 10 were Ralph Valenzisi, the Norwalk Public Schools chief of technology, innovation and partnerships ($185,823.47) and Anthony Bruno, a firefighter, who earned $185,038.39. They were seventh and eighth on the list.

The next 20 names of the list include 11 school principals ranging from $180,451 to $163,244, seven more NPD members, including Deputy Chief Ashley Gonzalez ($173,691).

Mayor Harry Rilling is at No. 302 with a $114,085.15 salary. Rilling rejected the raise in pay voted by the Common Council prior to his 2013 election.

To see the complete list, click here: Norwalk Top Earners 2015

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