NPS deputy superintendent heads for N.J. to lead Hackensack school district

Deputy Superintendent of Excellence, Equity, and Inclusion Thomas McBryde Jr. at a Norwalk Board of Education meeting in June, as shown on the Norwalk Public Schools YouTube channel.

Thomas McBryde is leaving his post as Norwalk Public Schools deputy superintendent to become superintendent of Hackensack Public Schools in New Jersey.

McBryde was appointed Monday at a special meeting of the Hackensack Board of Education, according to a meeting agenda. His annual salary in the three-year contract will be $263,000 a year, beginning Jan. 1. In 2022, McBryde earned $230,983 here, according to a document provided by the City.

Norwalk Public Schools announced the appointment shortly after what it called a unanimous Hackensack vote to hire McBryde.

“I’m very proud of the work Dr. McBryde has done for Norwalk Public Schools, spearheading our efforts to ensure each scholar receives an excellent and equitable education and building a culture of inclusion in our school community,” Norwalk Superintendent of Schools Alexandra Estrella is quoted as saying. “We strive to build leaders here, and I know McBryde will provide strong and caring leadership in his new role.”

McBryde was appointed NPS deputy superintendent of excellence, equity and inclusion in July 2021. Estrella created the new role in a restructuring of Central Office aimed at achieving the vision of the recently developed strategic operating plan.

Like Estrella, McBryde’s pre-Norwalk career was centered in New York City. He began his career as a Language Arts teacher in Atlanta Public Schools in Georgia.

Monday’s news release cites McBryde’s work here to “encourage all parties to embrace each other’s differences,” to promote inclusion.

“McBryde established the My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper programs in Norwalk Public Schools, led the work with school equity teams to address implicit bias in schools, and led the development of new policies to create a more equitable grading system,” the news release said. “His efforts in these areas and many others across the district are very much appreciated, and Norwalk Public Schools wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”


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  1. Skip Hagerty

    I am glad that he led the development of more equitable grading. It certainly makes things easier if all the kids get the same grades.

  2. Drew Todd

    Oh Goody, Estrella is finally figuring out ways to actually save money from the raid on the City’s Piggy Banks that she thinks she has total control of..Besides What exactly is “Equitable Grading” Let me see If Student A answers a test question Correctly but Student B doesn’t does that mean Student B because they are in this “Equitable Grading” BS gets an automatic passing grade?!?! And what’s next is Estrella and the BOE going to implement the Portland new HORRIBLE Disciplinary System!?!? I wouldn’t put it past her. She has single handily and continues to destroy our schools! She doesn’t support the teachers!!!! Let me repeat she doesn’t support the teachers!!!! She MUST go!

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