NPS seeks to replace another administrator

Then-Norwalk Public Schools Director of Human Resources Lissette Colón, left, with Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations Sandra Faioes in an NPS video posted in February, reading books to children.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Public Schools is looking for a new Director of Human Resources.

There’s been some mystery around NPS Director of Human Resources Lissette Colón, as it was rumored in September that she was no longer employed by the district. Niccolo Dua, NPS Director of Communications and Marketing said she was still HR Director, although her LinkedIn page was ambiguous. On Wednesday, Dua said Colón left her position on Nov. 4.

“The district has posted the position of HR Director and is actively seeking to fill the position,” Dua wrote. NPS Chief Financial Officer Lunda Asmani is “currently overseeing our Human Resources Department.”

Norwalk Federation of Teachers President Mary Yordon said, “My team and I found her to be an asset to the district and she will be missed.”

Screenshot of the Norwalk Public Schools website taken Wednesday.

In January 2020, Colón told the Bridgeport Board of Education that she had recently graduated from the University of Bridgeport specializing in human resources management, according to Bridgeport BoE minutes. She was seeking a position of human resources director.

Instead, Colón came to NPS in 2020, according to Apollo. She was previously HR recruiter for the City of Bridgeport.

NPS has faced significant turnover, like other districts nationwide in light of pandemic pressures. The agenda for Monday’s BoE meeting includes 12 resignations, all but one of them teachers, and one retirement. It also lists 10 appointments.

Then-NPS Director of Human Resources Lissette Colón speaks to the Board of Education in July.

Colón spoke to the Norwalk Board of Education in July, listing what she said were accomplishments and progress in HR.

“In regards to the hiring process, we reduced the average posting approval timeframe, from seven school days to three school days,” she said. “That’s a 60% reduction in processing time.”

The department held three district wide recruiting events, expanded its social media presence and conducted open door interviews, where anyone could walk in and get interviewed.

“That wasn’t too successful, for whatever reason, but we did, we were trying anything and everything,” she said. HR

The department conducted COVID-19 surveys and improved the retirement benefits process by switching from mailing checks to making wire transfers.

Screenshot of the Norwalk Public Schools website taken Wednesday.

Three NPS administrators have recently left.

  • Janine Goss left her position here as Education Administrator of Humanities K-12 in mid-August to become Fairfield Public Schools Director of Elementary Education and PK-12 Literacy.
  • Tina Henckle was NPS Education Administrator for School Support and Improvement for STEM (K-12). She left to become Weston Public Schools Assistant Superintendent.
  • Jennifer Katona was NPS Grants Manager but left in August to be Educational Theater Association Executive Director.


None of the sources who informed NancyOnNorwalk of Colón’s departure said where she went.

Two websites, AllPeople and ZoomInfo, say Colón is Chief of Staff for Bridgeport Public Schools. That’s not correct, according to a Superintendent’s Office worker who answered the phone Wednesday.

Colón ran for Bridgeport Town Council in 2019. In a questionnaire she answered for The Connecticut Post, she said she was active in the community, including serving as a board member to Bridgeport PAL.

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Evan Spears November 21, 2022 at 12:59 pm

It’s obvious the problem is NPS is rotting from the top down. Sandra Faioes and Estrella are the big players ruining this district. Such a shame and waste of taxpayer dollars. So much wasted time.

When everyone leaves the room all thats left will be Estrella and her cronies.

The staff who left their actions speak for themselves. No one wants to be around this unprofessional environment.

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