NPS stands ready to assist children in dealing with national events

Wednesday’s unprecedented insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., was deeply troubling. When a protest turns from peace to violence, it damages the democratic values we hold dear in this country.  Along with the rest of the nation, our children were watching.

Public education is one of the bedrock foundations of our democracy. National and global events always present teachable moments for our schools. As they do with any major historical event, our professional educators will provide safe spaces for students to have appropriate conversations and process yesterday’s events. District instructional specialists are available to help guide approaches on these difficult topics, especially for our social studies, civics and history classes.

While the insurrection was a major historical and news event, it is also an emotional one for both adults and children. At a time when Covid has already added stress to so many, events like this can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we have activated our district and school counselors to provide additional supports where needed. We encourage any families who have concerns about their child’s mental or physical health to reach out to their school principal, school social worker or school counselor.


NiZ January 11, 2021 at 6:38 am

First thing to state is violent protesting has been a constant during 2020, in many of our US cities, at federal bldgs, destroying, looting & burning statues, businesses, people being injured & even killed. (It made this country a republic,, ijs)

As for the pandemic causing kids stress being recognized, is
appreciate. I think raising critical thinkers is a necessity.
In the meantime, I ask how will the “activated our district and school counselors to provide additional supports ” look like?
And what systems will engage families that reach out with
“concerns about their child’s mental or physical health”
Cause my kid is feeling madd aggy & the attitude is AWFUL. Keeping things as easy and positive as I can. Just we need to live, not stay home & distance.

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