NPS staying shut through April 6; land records now online

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NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Public Schools has committed to “distance learning” through April 6, “to provide consistency and learning momentum,” Mayor Harry Rilling’s evening COVID-19 update said.

“Distance Learning will continue through the April break. However, there will be no Distance Learning on April 10, which is a holiday on the calendar,” the update  said.

The rest of the update:

  • Rilling has authorized the hiring of an outside vendor to provide deep cleaning services at all of the City’s public schools.
  • “Houses of Worship and numerous volunteers are stepping up to provide services, programs, and supplies during this time of need. While these grassroots efforts are greatly appreciated, it is important to have volunteers and donations coordinated to help reach those most in-need. Please contact Michele DeLuca, Deputy Director of Emergency Management, at [email protected], to share updates and information regarding these efforts.”
  • “The Norwalk Senior Center is concerned about older adult residents and the effects of social isolation and community disconnect. Seniors can leave a message at 203-847-3115 (English) or 203-299-1500 (Spanish) and a staff member will return their call.”
  • “The City launched an online land records system in the Town Clerk’s office that allows the public to conduct business remotely. The system had been scheduled to “go live” in early summer, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent closure of City Hall to the public, officials expedited the project. Learn more here.”

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  1. Bryan Meek

    Friday April 10th is Good Friday

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