Nuvance plans ‘largest Norwalk Hospital expansion in its history’

Norwalk Hospital. (Harold F. Cobin)

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Hospital is pursuing a major expansion project, Nuvance Health said in a news release.

A seven-story pavilion on the southeast corner of the campus, founded in 1893, would replace the Community Pavilion built in 1953 and the Tracey Pavilion built in 1918 if the plans come to fruition, Nuvance said. “The new patient tower will modernize inpatient care and feature an even more comfortable, soothing environment for all.”

“We’re very excited to continue our long-standing commitment to high-quality healthcare for the community by advancing our facilities and technology to meet the future needs of southwestern Connecticut,” said Norwalk Hospital President Peter Cordeau in the release. “And we are very grateful to the community for their ongoing support and philanthropy that will bring this plan to life.”

Nuvance promises a “distinctive design that provides an environment that promotes healing and amenities to enable caregivers to deliver the best care possible.  Natural light-filled building connectors will provide easy access between the three pavilions (the new pavilion as well as the Main Pavilion and McGraw Pavilion).”

An illustration was not provided.

“Expected to open in winter 2025-2026, the seven-floor, 180,000 square foot building will represent the largest expansion project in Norwalk Hospital’s history.  This new state-of-the-art patient pavilion will enhance the patient experience by providing single bed patient rooms and spacious modernized facilities,” Nuvance said.

Planning and Zoning Director Steven Kleppin said such a project would require Zoning review. “We had talks with the hospital several years ago but I’m not sure if it’s the same program.  I don’t believe they ever came to the Commission but I’d have to check the database tomorrow,” he said in an afternoon email.

Nuvance, in its news release, also announced “substantial renovations and updates to existing spaces including a new labor and delivery unit and a new intensive care unit and step-down unit.” The building’s infrastructure will see “significant improvement.”

The release mentions a fundraising drive, saying, “While Nuvance Health is directing essential investments in this dramatic transformation, philanthropy will play an important role in bringing our plans to fruition. The Foundation has already launched an extensive fundraising effort to help support the expansive project and programs. Some of our most valued families have committed generous gifts, and many more will partner with Norwalk Hospital in the months – and years – to come. Over time, a special campaign will invite all community members to add their support, at every level, for the full scope of our project.”

Nuvance details other features of the planned renovation:

  • Medical-Surgical Unit: “Three floors will be designed for patients requiring hospitalizations for illness and injury, as well as for those having surgery.  The Medical/Surgical Unit will feature 90 private, contemporary patient rooms with designated space for medical equipment and for visiting loved ones.”
  • Mother and Infant Unit: “Long-awaited, Norwalk Hospital will build a welcoming New Mother and Baby Unit featuring 17 private rooms, a six-bassinet Well Baby Nursery and a neonatal (NICU) intensive care unit for premature and critically ill babies.  The NICU will feature six high-touch, high-tech infant rooms.”
  • Main Pavilion Enhancements and Renovations: “In addition to creating the new patient tower, Norwalk Hospital will be enhancing and renovating the Main Pavilion, creating a more welcoming hub for patients and visitors alike.”
  • Labor and Delivery: “Labor and Delivery will move to the Main Pavilion and feature comfortable birthing rooms, advanced medical equipment and beautiful views.  After delivery and recovery, mother and baby will move to the new pavilion for the remainder of their stay where highly skilled clinical teams will continue to care for them.”
  • Intensive Care/Progressive Care: “Caring for the critically ill requires close proximity to both the Emergency Department and Operating Rooms.  Therefore, the Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit (PCU) will remain in the main pavilion and will be fully renovated and modernized to feature larger rooms with ample private space for seating for loved ones and for specialized medical equipment.”


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    Nuvance should seriously consider doing a focus group or a community survey on people’s experiences within the hospital and spend time and money on ensuring improvements are made there. They should take a fine tooth comb and see which departments need policy change, more or different staff training etc. Although, Nuvance has had the Norwalk Hospital for a little bit of time now, they really haven’t been there that long and many of the staff, policies and procedures have.

    My family has suffered tremendous stress and my loved ones have have had treatment over the years that could have warranted legal action, as have many other families that I know from Norwalk. Norwalk Hospital has an especially poor reputation how they handle the elderly when they become I’ll enough to end up in ICU or CCU, how families are treated and dismissed. I have talked to many families over the years who have experienced the same things.

    Everyone wants to think bigger is better but I always believed in quality to over quantity. It would be lovely someone there read this but even if they did, I doubt it would ever happen. So sad. All I can say is if anyone has a loved one who ends up in Norwalk Hospital, ED, ICU, CCU etc., Know your rights and stand up for your loved ones!!!

  2. piberman

    City Hall officials claim “renters bring growth”. Here’s more evidence. New schools too. Property owners will rejoice with higher taxes.

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