Oak Hills opening golf course Saturday

Oak Hills Park, in June.

NORWALK, Conn. — The Oak Hills Park golf course is easing into opening, inviting golfers to play Saturday, without carts and under social distancing guidelines.

Information for the soft opening, as offered in a press release, is:


  • Temporary hours of operation will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • For the first week, golfers will be WALKING ONLY. It’s anticipated that carts will be allowed Friday, May 15
  • Resident and nonresident passes for the season are available now for purchase online
  • Only credit/debit cards will be accepted for payment – no cash accepted
  • No WALK-UP play will be allowed and only people with a valid reservation will be accepted
  • “Oak Hills is announcing a new Limited and Unlimited Golf program where you can play golf for the ENTIRE SEASON and some of next season for one price. These are extremely popular, and our members have asked us to consider them. We plan to limit it to the first 75 residents and 25 nonresidents so consider this option quickly. Go to www.oakhillsgc.com  for details.”


“On behalf of everyone at Oak Hills we look forward to seeing you and know that together, under these trying times that, we will make this work,” the press release said.





  • Golf will be WALKING ONLY starting May 9. Push carts will not be available for rent; golfers can bring their personal cart
  • Golfers must wear face coverings in the parking lot and while paying for golf. Putting Greens are closed
  • Absolutely no gathering in any Oak Hills Park facilities and golfers are asked to immediately leave the premises after their round



  • Tee times may be made via phone or internet and will be at 12-minute intervals for safety
  • Absolutely NO walk-up play allowed. Only players with a valid tee time are allowed at the course.
  • Payments can be made over the phone or at the golf course and a payment card is the only form of payment.
  • Tee times will be available beginning 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. initially while we transition to being open.



  • Golfers must arrive no more than ten (10) minutes and no less than five (5) minutes prior to their tee time.
  • Patrons must wear a face-covering when approaching the payment window.
  • Patrons may remove their face covering when arriving on the tee box prior to tee-off and must practice social distancing




  • Construction the 5th Green and 6th tee box closed for drainage repair. Temporary tee on the 6th playing as par 3.
  • The Pro shop is closed to foot traffic as are the bathrooms in the club house.
  • The restaurant and halfway house are temporarily closed.
  • The bathroom is available at the halfway house. Visitors are asked to put your mask on when using our bathroom facilities – hand sanitizer is available for your use
  • Drinking water will not be available on the course


During Play

  • Golfers are asked to leave the flagsticks in the holes and not remove them at all. All the cups have been adjusted for safety
  • There are no rakes, so golfers are asked to smooth the sand with their feet
  • Golfers are asked to replace fairway divots and fix ball marks as normal
  • Golfers are asked to remove any trash and debris from the property

Questions regarding the guidelines: [email protected]



6 responses to “Oak Hills opening golf course Saturday”

  1. Jay Mitchell

    It’s about time! golf courses in the state of Connecticut have been permitted to stay open throughout this entire time with strict social distancing procedures. I have had to go out of town to play at other courses. The safety guidelines in place at those courses were very good and I felt very safe. While other towns and courses continued their play and revenue stream, why did Oak Hills close? Now I’m sure the Norwalk golfer will pay for the closure in higher fees next year or even worse another Oak Hills taxpayer bailout to keep the golf course in the black.

  2. Carl E Dickens

    There is no taxpayer bailout and never has been.

  3. Steve Mann

    For those interested, OHPA just published a schedule of “unlimited” and “limited play” fees which will cover the golfer until 4/30/21, regardless of date of registration. Unlimited is seven days, vs. weekdays only. It’s a bit steep, and a resident would realize value on the 34th round of the period. The fees do not include cart rental, when available.

    That said, it’s good to see the course being proactive in an effort to self-support. As an infrequent player there, I do see familiar faces each time I play and am guessing that more than a couple of golfers will sign on. Great way to support the course as well.

  4. John Miller

    @Jay Mitchell – Exactly where did you get the information that public golf courses in Connecticut were allowed to stay open during the COVID-19 shutdown? Stamford did not open their two courses until last weekend; Longshore is not opening until May 15th; H. Smith Richardson in Fairfield is not opening until May 15th; and Fairchild Wheeler is still closed. Before making broad brush phony statements (a’ la Adam Schiff) you might want to check the facts, including the blatantly phony one about Oak Hills being bailed out.

  5. Jay Mitchell

    Hello @John Milller

    Since the beginning of March I have been playing golf at Richter Park, Whitney Farms, Grassy Hill, Sterling Farms, Brennan, and Oxford Greens. Your correct that the Stamford courses closed for a couple of weeks, but were mostly open throughout this whole thing. All the courses have had similar guidelines which were mandated by the Connecticut State Golf Association and agreed to by the State of Connecticut making them “essential” in the eyes of the state. So YES @John Mitchell I have been playing golf for weeks and that’s where I got my information. As far as the Oak Hills bailout, am I wrong in saying that the “loans” from the City of Norwalk have been refinanced numerous times because they could not be paid back by the OHPA? Am I wrong in saying that the payments on these loans have been skipped in previous years? Am I wrong in saying they received $80K last year from the taxpayers for a “reimbursement” on some restaurant equipment they decided to purchase? Am I wrong?

  6. John Miller

    @Jay Mitchell – I played golf in early March also…..at Oak Hills. The course didn’t close until March 16th. Did you play golf at Oak Hills in early March? The weather was great and the course was loaded with players who actually support the course. If you did, thanks for your support. If you didn’t, maybe you should have. A little less complaining and a little more support by actually playing the course would be a good thing.

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