Experience delightful Oak Hills from the patio, with food

By Peter Berman

NORWALK, Conn. – Having a late lunch outside at Oak Hills today reminded me of how delightful the park facility can be on a warm day with vibrant colors, sweet smells, birds unafraid to visit – a true hidden gem. Yet few other diners and reportedly business is slow for the restaurant team despite a much improved menu. Maybe all those in favor of building a driving range in this magnificent setting should be required to have a meal here to fully appreciate the sheer beauty and tranquility of this unique park. How could sentient beings vote to destroy this oasis of grandeur with a driving range ? It’s utter madness.

Peter I Berman


5 responses to “Experience delightful Oak Hills from the patio, with food”


    This is the first time I have ever agreed with anything written by Berman. Destroying this land for a driving range would be a travesty. Someone, sometime, needs to take a look at we are doing to our city.

  2. Suzanne

    Marketing, marketing, marketing. No one knows, or not enough people know, that the restaurant is there. I absolutely agree with Peter Berman on the experience of eating there. It is peaceful and beautiful. The setting alone sets this place apart from other restaurants in Norwalk. The food is excellent, the prices right. Now, clear cut the trees adjacent to the facility and add a very loud “Thwack!” noise, constantly, in the backround, with, as you enter the place, huge nets surrounding what was once beautiful tranquility. If you think they are having a tough time selling their place now….

  3. Dana

    Peaceful and beautiful woodlands in the rear of the restaurant that I bet dollars to donuts that 98% of the people that vote yes to a driving range don’t even know this land exists. I think it a travesty that the WNA put out a survey to West Norwalk residents to poll them. In order to provide a valid yes/no in their opinion, these residents should know what land is in jeopardy. Such a shame!

  4. Bryan Meek

    The city has ton’s of open space and woodlands.

    The city needs the driving range to be competitive.

    Can’t wait to hit a bucket of balls up there.

    p.s. the patio faces 1, 7, 13, 14, and 18 not the area where the range proposal is.

  5. dc2

    The silence of the so-called ‘open space, land trust, and conservation’ folks is absolutely deafening. Must have been one helluva land deal, no?
    Since OHPA COmmissioner Desrochiers disclosed last evening that there is only one prospective bidder left, and that apparently financing is an issue. we can only hope this ridiculous idea of the driving range in the woods is dead. But those who are hell-bent on putting in a driving range at any cost will surely be back….hold onto you wallets, Norwalkers. Perhaps more debt forgiving and even low interest loans…………

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