Oak Hills restaurant expected to reopen under new management

Norwalk’s Oak Hills Park.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A company described as having abundant experience with golf course restaurants will take over the restaurant at Oak Hills Park, Norwalk authority members said Thursday night.

The Oak Hills Park Authority unanimously approved the proposal to allow AV Management LLC to sublease the restaurant from Rolling Green LLC, which had been operating the restaurant before closing recently.

OHPA Chairman Bob Virgulak said Rolling Green has paid the rent despite the restaurant being closed. “We cannot reasonably oppose their sublease,” he said.

Vincent Laforte of AV Management said he and his partner, Amar Haouri, hope to get the restaurant open by the “end of February, beginning of March.”

The restaurant will be re-dubbed Oak Hills Restaurant on the Green and will feature a “smart and affordable” menu in an effort to serve both golfers and the surrounding community.

Laforte said everything will be prepared on site, so it will be fresh. Houri said the “egg sandwiches will be nice and warm.”

“We have tons of ideas,” Houri said.

The restaurant at the park is still open for special events, Oak Hills Interim Director Shelly Guyer said. It has been otherwise closed since late October or early November, he said.

Rolling Green’s lease ends in 2015, authority members said.


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  1. Diane C2

    The principals of AV Management LLC had no business cards, could not tell me if their LLC was established and registered with the state. They declined to provide any information regarding their credentials, including which golf course restaurants they’ve managed, Mr. Haouri citing “I don’t have to give any information to the public, if you have questions, go through the commission”.
    Wow, with “customer service” like that, can’t wait to see how they treat a disgruntled hot-dog/slider-buying golfer!
    I’ve found no record of any LLC entity yet, though they did admit it’s all “very new”, and so far I can only confirm that Mr. LaForte was recently employed as exec chef at Rockrimmon Country Club in Stamford. Mr. Haouri apparently has experience managing other Quattro Pazzi properties.
    We’ll see if a request to email me with their contact information is answered.

  2. EveT

    Is this the company profiled here http://www.manta.com/c/mtm035t/av-property-management-llc
    that says they have a project coming soon in Dubai?
    I’d also like to know who approved the “on the Green” part of their name. Most New Englanders know that “on the Green” refers to the town green (as in St. Paul’s on the Green and First Congregational Church on the Green), not a green of a golf course.

  3. DC2

    We ate at the restaurant and found the food very greasy. The owner, Amar, was very arrogant and acted bothered to talk to us. His French condescention was very rude. We will never go back.

  4. Amar

    I am very sorry you had such a bad experience,
    Please give us a call so we can discuss your experience,
    We would love to have you as a guest,
    Let us know,
    The management.

  5. EDR

    I thought the food was excellent and fairly priced. DC2 must have gotten the restaurant confused with somewhere else or just has no clue what good food is. That is unfortunate.

    By the way Amar was delightful and eager to please all of his guests!

    1. Just to be clear, that poster is not Diane C2.

  6. EDR

    I think that Diane C2 needs to make that clear and not you. You should be embarrassed.

    Savaging a local businessman is unfair, especially one trying to be part of the fabric of the community. He and his partner are workimg hard to make the restaurant successful. Given this blog’s track record regarding Oak Hills she especially needs to make it clear it was not her who made that post.

    By the way how do you feel about the “French condescension” comment. I guess it goes with American arrogance” ?

  7. Hi Everyone,
    My Name is Michael Landman, and I must say that I have had to pleasure of not only working with Amar, but also shown his hospitality in the CT, and NY area restaurants he has been associated with. Some places he has shown me around to ,were based around his love for good food, wine, and hospitality. Some were local area business owners he had befriend, others he has gone out of his way to help, and worked with. I have known Amar for 15 years now, and I can assure you he is the least bit arrogant, quite the opposite. He is a local resident, and restaurateur, who is working hard to provide a great place for the local CT. residents to enjoy. His staff will back me on saying he puts his heart and soul into his work. Please be fair in your assessment, and if there is an unforeseen incident, bring it to his attention. I am positive he will remedy anything that comes his way. Can’t wait to visit him again.

    Michael Landman

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