Obamnesty – A dangerous precedent

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To the Editor:

Whoa!  Stand back!  Baby Barack is unleashing his latest temper tantrum.  He is upset that he has to follow laws.  His latest hissy fit will essentially create enforcement-free zones for upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants.

Obama took to national TV to announce that he would do everything he said he couldn’t do – a mind-boggling 22 previous statements that he could not ignore or create his own immigration law.  Interestingly, he  stated if you are a criminal you will be deported.  Clearly Baby Barack is forgetting that entering the country illegally is a Federal crime, not a nursery rhyme.  On the other hand, are we surprised considering he believes Democracy is a virtue only when He wins?  After all, the illegal immigrants don’t follow the law, why should he?

Obama  has a warped interpretation of Separation of Powers whereby he sees no problem “separating” power from those who have it – Congress; then taking it to his side of the sand box.  Along the way, ignore the Constitution and alter the law without statutes – that is, a written law passed by a legislative body. He’s taken the oath twice to “faithfully execute” the nation’s laws, and to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution of the United States.  Obviously he is not serious about oaths either.

As we all know, letting a person get away with bad behavior is an open invitation to worse behavior.  Baby Barack is no different.  He has again exceeded his constitutional powers.  The constitution is clear:  It is Congress’s duty to write the nation’s laws and once they are enacted, it is the president’s responsibility to enforce them.  Congress must keep the focus on Mr. Obama’s abuse of power while showing voters they have better immigration solutions.

It is time to but Baby Barack in Time-Out. His  action clearly threatens to unravel Our system of checks and balances.  Along the way, his repeated actions undermine the citizen’s  trust that Obama is committed to enforcing the laws.  The message is that our President will do what he wants, whenever he wants without regards to the Constitution.  Surely there is differing opinions on how to amend the laws but the president has no authority to make the decision on his own.  We are on a slippery slope of dangerous precedent.  Problems will only continue to mushroom.  What’s preventing the next president from “using his pen” to wipe out the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Dodd-Frank, and National Labor Relations Act.  How about school vouchers for all and “use his phone” to scrap the Capital Gains tax.  You know, deem the unlikable laws Barack’s favorite word: “unworkable”.  If he really wanted to act, why not take the 73,954 page tax code and put it on a postcard via the flat tax?

America became a nation by revolting against a ruler who thought he could do whatever he wanted no matter how the people felt.  What poll shows America wants and emperor or dictator, let alone a cry baby?

Kevin Kane


13 responses to “Obamnesty – A dangerous precedent”

  1. Independent Voter

    I realize local news has been limited to BOE issues of late, but really, Nancy? This is the kind of drivel the Hour relies on to sustain its ever-dwindling readership. I expect more from you.

  2. Suzanne

    Whatever point this writer is trying to make is obliterated by the infantile rhetoric. I agree with Independent Voter above.

  3. Oldtimer

    Anybody believe Kevin actually counted all the pages in the tax code ?

  4. sofaman

    Immature. Inaccurate.

  5. Scott

    The fair tax bill could save our ccountry. Instead of throwing bail out money at big business and big banking they could have saved the little guy. I’m all for it. As far as the “infantile rhetoric” I believe the writer got hung up on making a metaphor but his point is still valid. Unfortunate for the previous commenters it was a conservative view and they didn’t agree. No , I am not a republican so hold your rebuttal. I fall more along moderate libertarian lines

  6. Donald Trump

    Fortunately for the country, we have six years of evidence that this administration is completely inept at implementing anything. Had he made this move 5 years ago, I might share some of the writer’s angst. But today, this is all just a big joke and thankfully we’ll have some adults running the show again in two short years. Even if it is Hillary.

    As for a flat tax. Anyone with a clue knows that this would be the best way to destroy the economy instantly. Housing prices are based on the ability to deduct mortgage interest over a 30 year period typically. That fact is priced in and since some people have 1 year left and others have 30 years left, you can’t fairly adjust for this. Taking this away would destroy the housing market, which is the single largest part of our economy.

    Simply put.

    Kevin Kane.

    You’re fired.

  7. Common Reason

    I’m sure Kevin Kane was outraged when President Reagan used executive action to expand deferment to 3 million that had been purposely cut from the bill that passed Congress. Tyrant!

    I’m sure Kevin Kane was up-in-arms when W. Bush used signing statements to declare that the President has the power to set aside the laws when they conflict with his legal interpretation of the Constitution and that the federal government is instructed to follow the statements when it enforces the laws. Emperor!

    I’m sure Kevin Kane was gobsmacked when Candidate Romney promised to use executive action on day one to unilaterally thwart the Congressionally-passed Affordable Care law. Mad man!

    At least be honest and state that you simply don’t want THIS president to use these powers.

  8. Donald Trump

    Common Reason missed the little part where past executives wrote orders excusing them from enforcing existing laws.

    At no time did they implement new rules governing such as this one did with respect to issuing work visas.

    It doesn’t even matter though. I’ll reiterate, the funny part of this whole joke is that they won’t be able to pull off what they claim to want to do because they are so grossly incompetent.

    Of course they will lie about their successes to dupe more fools into voting their way, but at the end of the day there will be even more aggrieved individuals who chose to be victims and pawns of this administration.

    You’ve heard of the Midas touch? Obama has the Turd touch. LOL.

    You’re fired.

  9. Scott

    D.T. I refer to that as the fecal touch and have personally had it on an occasional day. I don’t have a degree in economics or banking but it seems to me that at the height of the recession plenty of people were losing their houses and the banks and stock market survived. There has to be a way to implement the fair tax that have a minimal impact on mortgages. The fair tax to me appears to be the single best hope for saving the middle class on whose backs the economy is carried. I would love for more knowledgeable people than myself to at least explore it and not simply dismiss it in tabor of the status quo.

  10. Kathleen Montgomery

    Right on the money, Common Reason.

  11. Gordon Tully

    I’m with Independent Voter. I don’t come to NoN to read vituperative opinions of ordinary ill-informed citizens such as myself.

    If someone with credentials wishes to discuss the complex issues of separation of power and of the legal limits to the powers of the 3 branches of government, I am all ears.

    NoN’s great virtue is probing into and creating a forum for discussing the detailed facts about local affairs. Sifting fact from opinion in national and international affairs escapes the grasp of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and countless websites. I don’t think Nancy has time to deal with these matters.

  12. Kevin

    These comments are classic and expected. Once you start commenting with your real name, I’ll take you seriously but nonetheless, I’ll reply. Granted NON does not stand for Nancy On the Nation but the point among a dash of satire is that Obama’s track record has deviated dramatically from his Hope and Change as well as transparency mantra. At a public speaking event, he said he changed the law. He can’t do that. But again, the left can’t argue without bringing Bush and Reagan and who ever else, into the mix to legitimize reckless behavior. Hope and change is gone. And for this not being applicable to Norwalk, have we forgotten about the 45 unaccompanied minors who were assigned to family members in Norwalk at the start of this school year? Don’t any of you have an issue with your property taxes going to fund these students? I have an issue with it and my $8500 paid wont’ cover it since last time I checked, it was over $12,000 to educate a student in Norwalk. I’m tired of giving this town money. Furthermore,it’s the reckless mindset seeping out from on high that I am concerned with. How about using the pen to approve the Mosque? Sign off on selling Oak Hills Land to fund the driving range? Try a fresh pen and approve the 95/7 mall? Reckless -yes. Legal – probably not. But who cares, sue the mayor or council or ____ and in today’s political climate, I’d expect anything. – Kevin

  13. Gordon Tully

    Kevin, now you are on my wavelength, bringing the consequences of this matter down to Norwalk. If the post had been a complaint about property taxes funding undocumented aliens, I would certainly have no problem with it. My point is that attacking the president and his policies raises a vast number of issues that are off target for NoN.

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