‘Official’ NFT contract still not quite done

Norwalk Federation of Teachers President Bruce Mellion attends a joint Board of Education/Common Council meeting last week.

NORWALK, Conn. – A delay in signing the contract for the Norwalk Federation of Teachers is “no big deal,” union President Bruce Mellion said Thursday.

“I don’t think that’s the way to do business,” Mellion said about an announcement made Tuesday by Board of Education member Mike Barbis.

Barbis said at Tuesday’s BOE meeting that the absolutely final version of the NFT contract was done. “Even though the arbitrator ruled in 2012 and the contract is in effect July 1, 2013, the contract was never finalized and it was never signed by the union. So it is now done, it is official,” he said.

On Thursday, Barbis said the contract is not finalized after all.

“Turns out there is still one issu,e but Mellion has not disclosed what it is,” he wrote in an email. “I don’t understand why this has dragged out. Apparently there were some minor edits that have dragged on and on.”

Mellion agreed that “it’s taking a very long time.”

“We want to make sure it’s 110 percent correct,” he said.

Agreements are made and sent back and forth with a lot of details, he said.

“You have the agreement and then you go forward with it and then it’s a question of printing it up. That’s how it’s been,” he said.

He expects it to be really finalized within a week or two, he said.

“No big deal,” he said.


8 responses to “‘Official’ NFT contract still not quite done”

  1. nnorwalk

    @nancy what Mr. Mellion says means lawyers for both sides are doing work. What’s the cost to do 2 years of editing for spelling and comma errors on the NFT contract? What a waste of time and money.

  2. Piberman

    NFT Chief Mellion is clearly not anxious for union members to see the contract terms recommended by the Arbitration Panel. Nor have the public be reminded of our 5th highest teacher salaries negotiated by an embarrassingly indifferent BET and BOE over the past decade. Nor have NFT members be reminded there’s a new set of negotiations recommended by the Arbitration Panel focusing on the “juicy” longevity increases of NFT contracts.
    Let’s encourage the BOE to post the contract on its web site to fully appreciate how our “public servants” have taken advantage of our inept BET and BOE’s in the past and Norwalk citizens generally.

  3. Oldtimer

    How can there be a final unresolved issue and Barbis doesn’t know what it is, but thinks Mellion does ? Aren’t BOE members kept up to date on contract negotiations ? Doesn’t the BOE represent the City, and the taxpayers, at negotiations ? If Barbis, and the rest of the BOE, have abdicated their responsibility in contract negotiations to lawyers being paid by the hour, it is a wonder negotiations take so long and legal fees continue to grow way beyond budgets.

  4. MarjorieM

    Berman, you sound like a broken record no one wants to listen to anymore. Keep bashing teachers’ salaries and the neighboring towns will keep stealing our best educators. Who would want to work here with teacher bashing and trashing?

  5. nnorwalk

    Contract was arbitrated, a done deal 2 years ago. Mr. Mellion stalled for commas and spell check Oldtimer and cost you and me money and looks like hes holding back on his members.

  6. longtime resident

    Mellion is evidently in no hurry to have this posted and available for all to see. He does nothing by accident – every step is deliberate.

  7. Bill

    Teachers in Norwalk are great but overpaid, I’m not worried about them “fleeing” to other towns that will pay them less.

  8. Mike Lyons

    The contract has finally been signed; it is on the BoE web site (go to http://portal.norwalkps.org/npsdepartments/HR/Pages/CurrentEmployees.aspx, look under “Contracts” at the bottom of the page. Contract signatures are on page 47.

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