Officials unveil CTfastrak buses

CTfastrak bus (Hugh McQuaid photo)
CTfastrak bus (Hugh McQuaid photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – State officials unveiled the first in a fleet of new buses, which will soon carry passengers along a dedicated bus route running from Hartford to New Britain.

The project, known as CTfastrak, is expected to begin operation sometime in March and will have a fleet of about 70 new buses to compliment the state’s existing bus fleet. State Transportation Commissioner James Redeker and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman showed off the first completed bus at a press conference Monday outside the State Capitol.

The buses are electric hybrid vehicles and will range in size from 30 feet to 40 feet. The green and gray bus at Monday’s press conference was of the 40-foot variety, which Redeker said will seat 35 passengers and will have space for about 15 people to stand.

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4 responses to “Officials unveil CTfastrak buses”

  1. John Hamlin

    The $600 million dollar busway from New Britain to Hartford is the biggest waste of money the state has seen — perhaps ever. The money should have been put into existing infrastructure — and now the state is pouring more money down the drain. Will anyone be accountable for this waste?

  2. EveT

    Every time I have heard about this project I have just been flabbergasted that anyone could think it’s a good use of money. What are they thinking?

  3. Local Ed

    I’m with you on the waste of money, personally would of loved to see it spend on Metro North Down here. But the state did only pay 112 Million (I know 112 million is still a hell of a lot of dough). The Feds picked up the other 480 plus Million.

    But they started with this now it would be even worse to stop construction. Hopefully this will help bring more jobs and taxes into the area.

    We in Fairfield County are tired of carrying the weight for most of the State

  4. One and Done

    Thank Bob Duff and Chris Perone.

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