O&G presentation delayed   

Devine Brothers barge docked directly opposite proposed site for O&G barges to dock. (Claire Schoen)

A presentation from O&G Industries on how it plans to expand the use of its property along the Norwalk River, to include the manufacture and storage of materials onsite, was delayed by the Planning and Zoning Commission until June 20. 

The applicant was supposed to present its plans at the June 5 P&C  meeting, but as the fifth item on a long agenda, the commission didn’t get to it until after 11 p.m. To satisfy requirements regarding the time period between filing and reviewing an application, the commission voted to open the hearing on the project before immediately continuing it to a special meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 20.

The commission did vote to hire a peer traffic reviewer and an environmental reviewer to begin their analysis of O&G’s reports. 


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  1. David Muccigrosso

    Both the O&G and Devine sites are fundamentally at odds with good usage of the waterfront. Those barges are ugly and disgusting.

    But these businesses also have a legitimate right to operate and ply their trade. We should prioritize finding alternative arrangements for them so we can focus on growing Downtown as a real city center, instead of maintaining a death-grip on the last handful of industrial uses that are becoming less relevant to our city by the day.

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