On abortion, trust the informed decision-maker

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Hi! Local political leader here. I don’t think a woman’s decision whether to end her pregnancy should involve me.

Why not?

I don’t know her health history, her current medical condition, the state of her mental health, her mental and physical health risks, her age, the fetus’s current medical condition, whether the pregnancy was wanted or unwanted, whether she was raped or coerced or the birth control failed or she thought she couldn’t get pregnant or the situation changed after the pregnancy started, who the father is, the status of her relationship with the father, the state of the father’s mental and physical health, whether she is experiencing or at risk for domestic violence, what support she does or does not have from family and friends, what healthcare and family medical leave she has access to, whether she has other children, how old those children are, what needs those children have, whether other family members need her care, her religious beliefs, whether he is transitioning and a pregnancy isn’t right for his body right now, the state of her finances, the state of the father’s finances, her housing situation, her current employment status, her employment history, whether she is still in school or on her way back, the father’s employment status and history, how family-friendly her employer is, her ambitions, her hopes, or her dreams.

You know who does know all of these things? The woman. Trust her to make the decision. Keep local political leaders out of it.

Nora Niedzielski-Eichner

Common Council member, at Large


3 responses to “On abortion, trust the informed decision-maker”

  1. Skip Hagerty

    Birth control /common sense could help eliminate an awful lot of abortions.
    That said, the one comment, “Whether he is transitioning and a pregnancy isn’t right for his body right now”, is really hard to get my mind around.

  2. Evan Spears

    I hope these comments help Democrats better understand (some) Republicans perspectives on this issue because there are a lot of misunderstandings…

    As a Republican I say obviously a woman should have the main say in deciding to have an abortion if the pregnancy was the result of rape or will pose a health risk. I am not the type of Conservative who thinks abortion is bad in every circumstance, that is a misunderstanding liberals have of us. It’s just the very religious Conservatives who believe that.

    However if two consenting adults decided to have sex, NOT use contraception, and get pregnant, there should be equal input, with perhaps the final say up to the woman in the end. But abortion should NOT be used as a form of contraception which it seems to be used as very frequently.

    Also, science has not yet come to a conclusion on when a conceived being or fetus is considered “human”. I think it is reasonable for other Conservatives to think any “clump of cells” that would otherwise become a human, is a human. It is human cells. Destroying it IS destruction of life, whether you consider it murder or not.

    I just want people to be real about what they are doing. I feel for the people in those tough scenarios, but to have abortion after abortion, not use contraception, you are indeed just repeatedly destroying life.

    Abortion arguments have also been equated to COVID vaccine mandate arguments in a left vs. right context.

    My personal decision to NOT get COVID vaccinated does not harm others around me, because being COVID vaccinated does not prevent spread of COVID. I also get tests often and isolate for longer than the recommended days if I test positive.

    Unlike choosing to be vaccinated or not, abortion brings up the question of is a murder occurring. This is why the greater society should have a say in the abortion discussions, not just the individual. Abortion impacts the potential human, the mother, and the father.


    A Republican

  3. John O’Neill

    My daughter who was born at 33 weeks was sure happy her Mother did not have an abortion at 32 weeks. No one could speak for her at the time, but she’s told me many times how happy she’s been to have the opportunity to smell the roses. Not every 32 week unborn child can say the same…But what do I know, I’m just a Father of 3 Daughters and Brother of 5 Sisters?

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