On Nancy: A Message from the Board of Directors

Most journalists aren’t comfortable with being the subject of the story. NancyOnNorwalk’s Nancy Chapman is no exception. When you have spent an entire career writing in the third person, reporting on yourself
doesn’t come naturally. For that reason, Nancy has asked fellow Board members to share the news that she is currently battling colon cancer.

Those who know Nancy won’t be surprised to learn that she’s tackling this challenge with a firm “F**k Cancer” attitude. As a true investigative journalist, she is diving into research, asking questions, and
examining every angle of her treatment plan, with the support of friends, family and Board colleagues. She’s determined to write this chapter her own way. As long-time readers know, award-winning journalist Nancy Guenther Chapman founded NancyOnNorwalk in 2012 with her husband Mark, also a career journalist. From the beginning, this independent, non-profit news site has served the public interest by consistently delivering high-quality, fact-based reporting about
what’s going on in and around our city. Since Mark’s death in 2016, Nancy has remained committed to the mission of informing and engaging
Norwalkers, delivering must-read stories about government, education, land use, public spending, and other community topics. In a city of nearly 92,000 people, a dedicated, nonpartisan forum for local news,
information and public discussion is a critical resource. While Nancy looks after her health, NancyOnNorwalk readers will see the names of both new and long-time contributors interspersed with Nancy’s own byline. Our coverage of Norwalk will continue to expand, thanks to the community’s generous support of independent journalism during our fall fundraising drive. Coverage will include articles from Kelly Prinz, founder of Coastal Connecticut Times, as well as contributions from veteran editor Nancy Shulins, multi-media journalist Harold Cobin, writer Paul Lanning, and others. Nancy herself plans to remain active, working within the limits of her treatment schedule.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed on Nancy’s progress, while also respecting her privacy. In the meantime, keep sharing news tips and joining in the community conversation with comments. If you have
questions, email us at [email protected], or reach out directly to any Board member.

With deep thanks for our readers’ ongoing support of Nancy and NancyOnNorwalk,
The NancyOnNorwalk Board of Directors:
Jonathan Gage, President
Gerry Werner, Treasurer
Diana Paladino Christopher, Secretary
Sean Fox
John Levin
Justin Matley
James Qi
Claire Schoen
Peter Sosnow
Brenda Wilcox Williams


44 responses to “On Nancy: A Message from the Board of Directors”

  1. Skip Hagerty

    Saying prayers for you Nancy. Hang in there.

  2. Tysen Canevari


    Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending well wishes your way. Your dedication to providing Norwalk an alternate source of information is unmatched. I am sure I speak for many when I say we are all in your corner on this one. Kick some butt!

    1. Jason Christopher


      I hope each day brings a little more strength, determination, and healing your way. I’m sorry you’re going through this. We’re all behind you. God speed.

      Jason Christopher

    2. Patricia Perez-Goodrich

      Agreed! Beautifully stated. Godspeed Nancy❤️

  3. Mayor Harry Rilling


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time. I am confident your strength and tenacity will rule the day. There is nothing you can’t overcome.

    NON has been an integral part of Norwalk for more than a decade. You have always been honest and fair in your reporting. That is a rare combination in today’s world.


  4. Diane+Lauricella

    Sending healing thoughts your way. For all the years we’ve known each other, your determination and feistiness have proven essential when the chips were down.

    Draw upon those qualities now.

    Hey, Nancy, you’ve still got stories to tell!

  5. Priscilla+Feral

    I adore Nancy, and the publication she created. Her success in beating the disease is most everything to a wide community of readers, admirers and supporters.

    We hope to have your back, always, Nancy, as you heal and achieve the best result.

  6. Elizabeth Broncati

    Nancy is in our prayers as she fights this fight. God bless you and your family.

  7. Lynda F.

    We’re sending you strength and courage to fight this battle! Like your reporting continued passion for keeping us informed — you got this Nancy!

  8. Steve Mann

    Thought and prayers to Nancy in this time of challenge. You’ve got this! Best wishers for your speedy recovery.

  9. James

    You’re in my prayers. I don’t know what this city would do without you!!

  10. David Muccigrosso

    Best wishes, Nancy. Remember, don’t fall for the BS mythologizing. Cancer isn’t a bully, it’s not a monster, it’s not a demon. It’s just a bunch of dumb cells that refuse to behave. Anyone can beat it.

    1. Nancy Chapman

      You left out the words “potentially aggressive” dumb bunch of cells.

  11. Todd

    Thoughts and prayers your way Nancy. You’re a shining example of grace and integrity and have the support of so many admirers. Get well very soon!

  12. Moina Noor

    Nancy, You are a local treasure. Farhan and I are sending you lots of healing wishes in the days ahead.

  13. Bruce Kimmel


    I know you’ll pull through this. Our thoughts are with you. Bruce

  14. Kara Nelson Baekey

    Sending strength to you, Nancy, as you fight this battle. Please know that you have so many cheering you on here in Norwalk.

    1. Bob Schumann

      Fight it, and beat it with the strength and perseverance you have used to keep NoN alive and flourishing.

  15. Margaret K. Suib

    Will keep you in my prayers as you engage in this battle. Remember, you are a warrior, and with the support of your community, you got this!

  16. John+O’Neill

    Nancy: Keep Fighting the Fight…You have a lot of supporters and even more prayers heading your way.
    Colon Cancer is a very beatable disease. IF you need support/help in any way reach out — We’ll be there.

  17. Laura Lamorte

    Nancy, I’ll be thinking of you every day when I read NON. Remember the old adage “one day at a time,” and know that there are many people ready to help out. All my best.

  18. Alexa Smith

    Dear Nancy, sending warm healing thoughts your way. I highly recommend Deepak Choprah’s meditation series entitled Perfect Health. I had a health crisis a few years ago and it really helped me a lot,

  19. Betty Langley

    I live in North Carolina, and I have enjoyed reading new about Norwalk, my prayers for Nancy.

  20. Steven A Adelman

    When we moved to Norwalk, our neighbors seemed to know so much about what goes on around here. Then we learned that they all read Nancy on Norwalk. Now we do too. We wish you strength, good fortune, and a speedy recovery. Steve and Sally Adelman

  21. Susan G. Weinberger

    Stay strong and positive. Sending warm thoughts and hope.

  22. Marc Alan

    Sending prayers and love to Nancy at this difficult time. She is a true champion of Norwalk!

  23. Josh Goldstein


    You are such an important person and resource in this community. This publication is a real service and it all happens because of you. We are all pulling for you and fervently hope you beat this!

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

    Josh Goldstein

  24. Jenn McMurrer


    Sending you lots of love. You are a true fighter and a real gem to our city. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Get well soon,

  25. Cheryl+Warner

    Nancy, Healing prayers for you. Wish you the best medical care and support. You contribute so much to the Norwalk Conversation’s we need you. Fight Cancer Fight!

  26. Cheryl Telesco Blois


    I have been reading your reporting since the day you and Mark started, and it’s invaluable. My thoughts are with you as are my best wishes – you can beat this!

  27. Mimi Chang

    You’re in our thoughts, Nancy. Sending prayers that each day brings strength, determination and healing your way, and hoping that you’re feeling supported by the positive energy and love of your fellow community members to whom you give so much. You’ve got this!

    Mimi & Wen Chang

  28. Nancy — From all of us here at The Maritime Aquarium, we wish you the very best as you tackle this latest challenge, and we are confident that your indomitable spirit and inimitable tenacity will help you through this tough time to a full and speedy recovery. Jason Patlis

  29. Family & Children’s Agency

    So sorry to hear this news! We value your voice in the community and hope you recover quickly and keep up that fighting spirit.

  30. Adam+Blank

    F— Cancer. Stay positive and get better soon Nancy.

  31. John C. Miller, Jr.

    My thoughts and prayers, Nancy. Hang in there and get well soon.

  32. Erica DePalma

    Sending you love, prayers and positive vibes. Stay strong. You’re a Norwalk gem and we need you!

  33. So sorry to hear this news. Hugs, prayers, healing thoughts coming your way. Hang in there.

  34. Melissa Murray


    Sending prayers and healing energy. You are such an important part of this community and all our thoughts are with you during this challenging time. I hope you feel better soon!

    Melissa Murray

  35. all of these comments are very nice. Thank you.

  36. Patricia Perez-Goodrich

    I only just discovered you Nancy! I am fairly new to the community. I have quickly come to adore you and the publication you have created. You have clearly earned the respect, admiration and support of your readers. You are a community treasure.

    Nancy, may the genuine appreciation and support being poured your way empower your healing journey.

  37. Durelle Alexander

    Healing, strength, courage and prayers all go out to you!

    D Alexander

  38. Daniel Simons

    Nancy, you have been such a pillar of rigorous reporting, and such a bright spark in the community of Norwalk. We are standing with you, and praying for you in this moment. Deep peace and hope be yours, now and in the days ahead.

  39. Tricia Massucco

    Sending you strength, love and prayers!

  40. Jo Bennett

    Cancer sucks – I know this personally. I am also confident it’s no match for your tenacity, Nancy. We are rooting for you!

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