Once Around the City: Celebrating the Fifth of July

Norwalk fireworks on July 3, 2012
Norwalk fireworks on July 3, 2012

NORWALK, Conn. – We’ve all done it – missed someone’s big day, then scrambled to make it up. Hallmark and the rest of the greeting card industry makes a fortune – or did prior to the Internet Takeover – off of “Sorry I Missed Your Birthday” cards.

And so it is that Norwalk will throw America an “Oops, we missed your birthday” party Saturday, July 5, with a big, fireworks display at Calf Pasture Beach.

And, hey America, it’s not really our fault. See, there was this big, scary storm bearing down, and everybody – everybody – (well, Stamford and Westport, at least) in its path decided to postpone the festivities.

So we’re going to just move the whole shebang that we planned for Thursday night to Saturday – same schedule of events, same time, bands, fireworks exhibits. And, should it rain Friday, Rowayton will celebrate Sunday.

You’ll understand. Right?


And about that celebration…

The Norwalk Fire Department reminds citizens to stay safe when it comes to fireworks, grilling and staying cool in the summer heat this Fourth of July and beyond.

Each year nationwide, there are about 10,000 injuries, three deaths and 25,000 fires due to the use of illegal fireworks. The NFD recommends that residents enjoy the public licensed fireworks displays and have safe and enjoyable holiday. Click here for additional information about safety and preparedness.


Grilling Safety

  • Never operate grills and other open-flame cooking devices on combustible balconies and decks or within 10 feet of a structure
  • Set the grill up in an open area away from low hanging tree limbs, dry leaves and brush
  • Check hoses and propane tanks for leaks
  • Make the area around the grill a no play zone
  • Avoid wearing long, hanging clothes
  • Never grill inside of garages or carports
  • Purchase the proper starting fluid if you use a charcoal grill
  • If you must dispose of the ashes before fully cooled, soak them completely in water before putting them in a non-combustible container

Fireworks Safety:

  • Only sparklers and fountains are legal for personal use in CT
  • Always read and follow labeled directions
  • Have an adult present at all times
  • Never allow children to play, hold or light sparklers
  • Only buy from licensed/permitted dealers
  • Always have water close (a garden hose and a bucket)

Heat Safety:

  • Stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day, and stay inside an air-conditioned building if possible
  • Supervise children; children rely on adults to tell them when to come inside, when to drink water and what sort of clothing to wear. It doesn’t take long for a child’s small body to become overheated.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Never leave a child or pet in the car unattended


Indian-Americans: Himes is right

Citing Rep. Jim Himes’ support of the Indian-American community and “his dedication to the legislative issues at the Capital,” a group of Indian-Americans joined June 26 to host a reception and fundraiser at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Stamford. Himes thanked the gathering and took several questions from the audience, including inquiries about the new immigration reform under consideration, job creation in Connecticut and banking issues.

Early this month, GOPIO-CT, one of the community groups in Connecticut, honored Himes (D-Greenwich) as Friend of India at its annual awards banquet.

“Congressman Himes is in two important House Committees, Financial Services and Permanent Select committee on Intelligence and we want him there,” said GOPIO founder Dr. Thomas Abraham, who co-hosted the event. “I think if he continues to do so, it will benefit our country and Connecticut.”

Abraham hosted an event last fall at which a Norwalk coalition of Indian-Americans endorsed Republican Richard Moccia for mayor.

According to the GOPIO press release, Viresh Sharma, who is a registered Republican from New Canaan, has said that he supports Himes for his work in Washington, D.C., and his record for the last six years.


What’s bugging Norwalk?

A report on the “Beetle Blitz” threatening Connecticut’s hardwood forests has been arranged by the Norwalk Tree Alliance for 5 p.m. Thursday, July 17, at Norwalk City Hall.

The emerald ash borer
The emerald ash borer

The speaker is Katherine Dugas, an entomologist from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station New Haven. The station has been tracking the infestation since the first sighting in 2012.

No reservations are required and the public is invited to attend free of charge.

The threat is presented by two insects, the emerald ash borer and the Asian longhorn beetle. Only the borer has emerged in the state so far, detected in 16 communities in Connecticut’s four westernmost counties. One of the communities is Sherman in northern Fairfield County.

At the same time, the beetle has appeared in Worcester, Mass., only 35 miles from the Connecticut border, leading to a quarantine on importing firewood.

Additional information is available from Dan Landau, president of the Norwalk Tree Alliance, at [email protected]



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  1. EveT

    Jim Himes is “(D-Greenwich)”? I thought he represented the entire 4th Congressional District, which extends east from Greenwich to Bridgeport and north to Ridgefield and Oxford.

    1. Mark Chapman


      He lives in Greenwich, much like Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) also represents Darien. We all know Himes is our rep in DC.

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