Open letter to the Third Taxing District: The privilege of serving

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As the dust settles from this year’s municipal elections, I wanted to take a moment and offer my thanks to the residents and business owners of the Third Taxing District. Six years ago, you took a chance on a new-comer to Norwalk; and entrusted me with your municipal electric utility and district-owned community assets — things that are both treasured and critical to the East Norwalk community.

It has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had to be serving as a Commissioner on the Third Taxing District. It gave me the opportunity to elevate your voice on issues large and small. We’ve had the opportunity to work with you, improve outreach to the community, invest in our infrastructure and bring meaningful input to the city on the Walk Bridge, TOD around the train station, East Avenue and more. I’m proud that we were able to bring on a professional to run your system, who, by all accounts is doing a fabulous job. I hope that, in passing the baton to your new choices, they are finding the system in better shape than before.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you.

Debora Goldstein
(former) Commissioner
Third Taxing District

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