Opinion: A campaign of substance

Brian OShaughnessy
Brian OShaughnessy

Brian O’Shaughnessy of New Haven is a principal in the firm Community Impact Strategies Ltd. The mission of CIS is to facilitate the investment of public and private capital for the purpose of creating measurable improvements in human productivity and living conditions.

Campaign season is officially under way. We will hear a great deal about issues that candidates believe will influence votes. This does not mean, however, that we will be analyzing the information we need to make informed voter decisions.

We especially will not be hearing about strategies that will move Connecticut out of the economic doldrums in which it is perpetually mired.

The majority of our issues are economic in nature. Academic achievement, crime, jobs and rising healthcare costs are all tied to poor economic conditions. How we raise money, how we spend the money we raise and the impact of both of these decisions is central to the quality of life in Connecticut.

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  1. piberman

    The great expansion of CT’s budget in recent decades centered on expanding both the numbers and salaries of CT public employees who in turn constitutes the state ‘s most powerful political force by association with the Democratic Party. For the foreseeable future CT will remain a one party state focusing its tax revenues to its public employees. That guarantees relative decline compared to other states. Politics does have winners and loosers.

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