Opinion: A couple outside opinions for readers to digest

NORWALK, Conn. – I hate the term “dog days of August.” Certain sports writers at the Cape Cod Standard-Times/Cape Cod Times overworked it to the max back when I was still a puppy in this businesses (oh, how the muzzle has grayed…). I swore I would never, ever put it in print.

Today, as a mid-August heat wave looms, readers and news sources scramble to squeeze out the last bits of pre-Labor Day vacation, and news generation slows to a trickle — BJ’s, NEON and Oak Hills notwithstanding – we are mired in said dog days. And, if it’s online, is it really in print?

It is a bit troubling that even the political scene is so quiet just three weeks before the Sept. 10 primary election. Seems the Democratic race for the mayoral nomination has become a leisurely stroll. Maybe they spent all their energy finding petition signatures to get on the ballot.

We will further address the primary meandering in an upcoming story.

When breaking news slows, reporters have to do more digging, and, as any gardener, plumber or mortician knows, digging takes time. Thus, fewer stories of consequence for those discerning consumers of news who cannot be placated by fluff and filler found elsewhere.

But NancyOnNorwalk wants to do its part to help quell that craving for something of substance, so today we call your attention to a couple of ditties that were called to our attention through our Facebook friends.

The first is an editorial by Susan Bigelow, a columnist and the founder of CTLocalPolitics who lives in Enfield. In it, she calls for Connecticut to follow U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s lead in reforming the minimum sentencing laws that put non-violent offenders behind bars for many years – sometimes for life – at a great cost to taxpayers and to society in general.

The second is a column by The New York Times writer and economist Paul Krugman, who writes that, despite what has become conventional wisdom through a campaign of misinformation and disinformation, the federal deficit is actually decreasing faster than in the 1990’s.

So enjoy the reading – a bit heavy for a warm summer’s day, but worth the effort.



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  1. M Allen

    “as a mid-August heat wave looms”?
    Forecast: 81,86,86,85,83,80,80,80,79,78
    I know pressing the climate change issue is important, but a mid August high of 85/86 for 3 whole days does not a heat wave make. Other than a week and a half in July, I’m pretty sure this has been a below-average summer in terms of temps.
    But yeah, its a slow news cycle.

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