Opinion: A poetic look at Norwalk’s 2020 budget season

Roses are red

Daffodils yellow

Our CFO sure is

An outspoken fellow!


Says the BOE budget

Is a fraud and misleading

Says the math’s on his side

Leaves Tom Hamilton screaming


What of Harry? And the Council?

Why the shift in their view?

They were all for the children!

But now this?  Gosh, who knew?


City coffers get emptied

For the BoE dreams

But gift cards, trips, and scaffolding

Things are not what they seem!


Bryan Meek wonders why

Such a fuss over gift cards

Their morale needs a lift

They all work very hard


Raid the rainy day fund!

Our surplus is exploding!

Will it be at the cost

Of bond ratings imploding?


And then what of the plans

For the new NHS?

Is it on?  Is it off?

What a godawful mess!


Funds are there, says Bob Duff

Says the state will come through

Not so fast, say the others

This pipe dream can’t be true!


Dr A soon shall leave us

Oh, the tears we will weep

Wherever he’s going

May their pockets be deep


In the end, they’ll prevail

All hail the Board of Ed

They will get their big ‘ask’

As taxpayers see red


And the usual suspects

Throw their hands in the air

It’s not right, it’s not just

Cut the waste, it’s not fair!


But they’ll open their wallets

When they pay their tax bills

If you seek lower taxes

Better run for the hills


A Concerned Citizen February 20, 2020 at 11:36 am

Run for the hills, more like run for the beaches of Florida to escape the madness that grips Norwalk’s local government and the ineptitude of the state government in the former constitution state.

Cutting our losses. The house goes on the market in two weeks.

Bryan Meek February 20, 2020 at 1:03 pm

$900,000 walks out of city hall
Only the taxpayers take the fall
$9,000 in gift cards, oh the shame
$9 million other reasons to assign blame

No toll booth for Calvin Murphy Drive
No pot of spoils to keep Duffs dream alive
The BOE follows along in spite of the fuss
Only a matter of when, not if Duff throws them under the bus.

Patrick Cooper February 20, 2020 at 3:43 pm

Ah, the simplicity of four-line rhyme, It doesn’t take much for brains, nor much for time.
But give it to this “anonymous”, for their efforts to cover all of this current Norwalk fuss.

Now no one it seems can figure out, what the secretive new NHS game is all about.
And those that do know, like Bobby and Harry and Alan Lo, keep the truth on the way-way way down low.

Finance is not what Norwalk’s voter’s grasp, it’s why a google-smart BOE member feels comfortable with a 9% ask, blindly unaware such an event is unbelievably crass.

What’s become plain as day, is while we have no clear grand list for funding, we sure have growing bills to pay. The pressure seems to be pushing our new CFO towards a trip to the sanitarium, while Bobby and Harry dodge truth & the media – invisible and more slippery than otter’s at the aquarium.

Who knows, the wind blows, and the groundhog says spring is on its way. Perhaps a journalist will surprise us, or Donna S will advise us, that the game was always a trade of votes for fame, the kind of political sausage making that requires no shame.

Not that any of this matters, in spite of the iambic pentameter, it’s that the average Norwalk Joe is ignored while our city is in tatters. If this is the legacy for which the mayor stumps, I’m afraid to tell him his future statue will be placed by the dump, with a brass plaque that say “paid for by all the taxpaying chumps”.

Bryan Meek February 20, 2020 at 9:07 pm

$9000 of gift cards
Educational outcomes in shards
$13 million in Harry lawsuit
Focusing on minutia is moot

Please excuse the lack of proper pentameter
I’m just a dupe paying endlessly for the pensions of the mayer

Bryan Meek February 20, 2020 at 9:10 pm

Joe Ganim, Joe Ganim, Joe Ganim
Forget his felonies of record, Trump is the Problim.
Vote once, vote twice, thrice, more all
Republicans out of power are to blame for the fall.

Mimi Chang February 21, 2020 at 8:28 am

Senator pulls school from out of the skies,

Board of Ed overidden to vet it,

Senator goes rogue right before their eyes,

Astonishing not one will contest it!

Their process has now been politicized;

Party loyalty does complicate it.

His shiny new object! They’re hypnotized!

Halt other schools’ funds queued before it!

A check in his box to regionalize;

Can’t fulfill his agenda without it.

Throughout his spin, valid questions arise;

Residents who question best forget it!

He hears just supporters’ ecstatic cries!

His overreach? They’re fine to accept it.

His shiny new object! They’re mesmerized!

Can their tax base and budget absorb it?

His school funding deficit publicized,

He distracts to deflect to downplay it.

ELL funding deprioritized,

Should residents morally accept it?

His shiny new object! They’re hypnotized!

But will state reimbursement afford it?

Its price tag and its scope are supersized!

It sounds too good to be true, so is it?

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