Opinion: Changes are needed to the Affordble Care Act

Linda Wallace
Linda Wallace

Linda Wallace is the executive director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut.

A year ago the news was consumed with the flubbed rollout of Obamacare. Long wait times, unresponsive websites, the system had a rough start, and more than a few experts wondered if the Affordable Care Act would survive.

Fast-forward to today, and not only is the health insurance landscape working, it’s much improved for millions of Americans.

Right here in Connecticut, tens of thousands of our neighbors now have health insurance. According to a recent survey by Access Health CT, more than 50 percent of exchange customers who signed up in 2013 had been previously uninsured.

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2 responses to “Opinion: Changes are needed to the Affordble Care Act”

  1. Scott

    The amount of money spent on this act they could have given all of the people that needed it health care. Instead it has adversely effected everyone that already had good insurance because employers are running scared from the Cadillac tax that is coming down on their heads like a guillotine. When ever possible they are passing it off to the employees. So once again the middle class gets hammered.

  2. Joe

    Obamacare screwed my family!

    Our monthly premiums doubled. Doubled! Almost $1,000 extra per month. Plus our deductibles doubled.

    I’m no more sadistic than the next guy, but I can’t wait until the delayed Obamacare people start getting hurt like we did.

    Remember, 75% of Connecticut’s population were against Obamacare but Himes voted for it anyway because he’s a democrat first. He hurt my family.

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