Opinion: Connecticut getting stronger and moving forward

{Courtesy State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25)}
State Sen. Bob Duff.

July has brought some much welcome economic news. From a positive jobs report and improved state business rankings, to a ‘hiring frenzy’ at Electric Boat, Pratt & Whitney and Indeed, it is clear that we are witnessing some positive momentum. We have more work to do but there are encouraging signs.

CT’s Job Gains Continued in June

Connecticut added 7,000 jobs in June and the private sector has fully recovered all the jobs lost during the Great Recession, state labor authorities say.

Indeed to Add 500 Jobs to Stamford Office

Job search website Indeed plans to add at least 500 employees to its Stamford office over the next few years for a total of 1,200 workers in Connecticut. The company plans to invest $26.5 million in the expansions and renovations.

Planned Center Will Help Re-Train Stamford Workforce

As Stamford blossoms into a location for innovation-based businesses, the Business Council of Fairfield County and local organizations have a plan to prepare and re-train our local workforce for in-demand careers.

Henkel Working “Fast and Furious” to Complete Move to Fairfield County

Henkel said it is working “fast and furious” to complete the relocation of its North American headquarters from Scottsdale, Arizona to Stamford, with plans to move in by the end of the summer.

Electric Boat “Hiring Frenzy”

With new submarines slated for construction, Electric Boat is in the midst of a “hiring frenzy” resulting in a new generation of Connecticut residents training for careers in manufacturing, and increased economic activity in southeastern Connecticut.

State Colleges, Universities Working Together to Promote Innovation

A new committee of Connecticut higher education officials has begun following a $10 million state strategic plan to capitalize on the abundant but isolated innovation resources on the state’s university and college campuses.

Pratt & Whitney Surges U.S. Hiring

Pratt & Whitney has brought on 4,500 new employees over the last 18 months at plants in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and says the number of new hires will rise to 25,000 by 2025.

Connecticut Climbs in Rankings of Top States for Business

Connecticut has climbed 10 spots to rank 33rd in CNBC’s 2017 ranking of top states for business. The improved ranking was largely a result of better scores for education and the workforce.

Manufacturing Pipeline Opens Path to Employment at EB

The Eastern Connecticut Workforce Board Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative has expanded its training offerings to include a design and drafting program. Students will learn design and drafting skills, blueprint reading, technical writing and math.


13 responses to “Opinion: Connecticut getting stronger and moving forward”

  1. Mitch Adis

    Holy disconnected Batman! Senator Duff must live in an alternative universe. This is political spin at it’s best. It’s like talking to a gambler who only tells you about the money he won and not how much he lost in the process.

  2. Bill Dunne

    This is what we love about Bob Duff. He’s always good for a laugh. In this case, several laughs.

  3. Ernie DesRochers

    Wow – another delusional politician.

  4. Non partisan

    It is good news – the economy is picking back up

    Malloy/ Duff and the lack of a viable budget in this state will certainly dampen Ct job growth behind the rest of the nation

    What’s really funny about it is he references the bulk of increased hiring – for military / defense contracts.

    Btw- none of these jobs appear to be going to his legislative district.

  5. Isabelle Hargrove

    Senator Duff shame on you. You represent the worst kind of politician, ineffective and dishonest. People of Norwalk, this man is an embarrassment to all of us and bears a lot of responsibility for our State’s fiscal turmoils and Norwalk’s gross underfunding by Hartford.

  6. Rick

    a smoking gun

    Henkel will only create an additional 266 jobs in the state, according to the office of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy,

    Some 375 Arizona employees will be offered the option of relocating to Connecticut, according to the Phoenix Business Journal

    To fund the move, the company will participate in the state’s First Five Plus program, which is operated under the state Department of Economic and Community Development.

    As part of the relocation, the company will be the latest to participate in the state’s First Five Plus program, which is operated under the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD). The department will provide a ten-year, $20 million low-interest loan to support the project. In addition, the company may also be eligible for up to $5 million in tax credits through the Urban and Industrial Sites Reinvestment Tax Credit program, which allows for a dollar-to-dollar corporate tax credit of up to 100 percent of capital investment on eligible projects. DECD’s financial assistance will be used for renovations and leasehold improvements, and fixtures and equipment, as well as other project-related costs.

    yes the numbers come from the Hartford very impressive but are they still correct? Or are they just impressive.

  7. Rick

    This where the Dannys numbers are deceiving if you followed above then follow below use the math it isn’t what the state Is saying.

    A presence in Connecticut since it purchased Loctite in 1997, Henkel recently purchased Wilton-based Sun Products, the maker of Wisk, all, Snuggle and other detergent and laundry products.

    Founded in 1987, Henkel Loctite Corporation is a large-sized organization in the adhesive and sealant companies industry located in Rocky Hill, CT. It has 400 full time employees 270 in Wilton

    To avoid repaying $15 million of the loan, Henkel has to retain 678 jobs and create 200 new ones, which must be retained for at least two years. If an additional 66 jobs are created within three years and retained for two years, the remaining $5 million would be forgiven

    do the math

    no wonder the state is broke the company is in Ct their money is in Germany. Take it and run observation is noted.

  8. Dawn


  9. Mickey

    Duff…its time for you to go. Your really believe you own BS
    Thanks for making CT the disaster it is.

  10. Notaffiliated

    Wow. Who’s opinion is this? Remember the days when Connecticut was an economic leader? I’m not talking WWII.

  11. Isabelle Hargrove

    I guess Amazon didn’t read Senator Duff’s economic news from LA LA LAND. They don’t even bother to come here to hire… They are dumping us, we might want to dump Duff…


  12. Isabelle Hargrove

    Another embarrassing report for Senator Duff’s delusional con-game.

    “Despite adding 7,000 jobs last month, Connecticut’s June unemployment rate of 5 percent ranked ninth highest among the states according to a report last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, versus a U.S. average of 4.4 percent. And other reports suggest the state is still struggling to build momentum, including a Conference Board index analyzing online job ads, which in June were down 12 percent from a year earlier along the Stamford-Bridgeport-New Haven corridor, and off 26 percent among Danbury area employers”


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