Opinion: CT Legislature should close loopholes to preserve Citizens Election Program

Cheri Quickmire
Cheri Quickmire

Cheri Quickmire is the executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut

There is one thing we agree with Suzanne Bates from the Yankee Institute about, “money gets into politics — to influence.”

We would clarify that outside, shadowy, dark money sneaks in to move a mostly unknown agenda that the movers are trying to hide. We have seen a substantial increase in outside spending in Connecticut’s elections because of new loopholes passed last year.

In this past gubernatorial race, more than $16 million dollars was spent on attack ads. Notably, the Democratic and Republican Governors Associations formed SuperPACs which spent huge sums — more than $15 million. One SuperPAC was Connecticut Forward (opposing Tom Foley, supporting Dan Malloy), and the other was Grow Connecticut (opposing Dan Malloy, supporting Tom Foley). This was money that originated from the DGA and RGA. We don’t know where all that money is from, but we will see it when the SuperPACs file their 990s. Amounts of money from other sources, such as labor unions and the NRA, were much smaller.

Where we part ways with Bates is that she and the Yankee Institute never liked the Citizen’s Election Program. So her criticism is no surprise.

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