Opinion: Different is better

Brian O’Shaughnessy of New Haven is a principal in the consulting firm Community Impact Strategies, Ltd.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Tipping points often come upon us unnoticed.

If you are paying attention, there is a great deal of discussion about income, poverty and the quality of life. Whatever the focus — the minimum wage, early childhood education, wealth disparity, academic achievement gap, unemployment, crime — at the core are economic issues. The root causes of these issues are complex and addressing them could also cost money. What if we could address these issues and save money?

Several weeks ago, I was part of a conference at the Legislative Office Building to promote the concept of social innovation financing. This was the second conference on the topic. The legislative expression of this idea is set forth in SB 105, “An Act Concerning Social Innovation Investment.”

The legislation still seeks to find “packaging” that legislators, government, and the public can embrace. This is unfortunate, because the idea is very simple. Unfortunately, the deviation from business as usual can be disorienting. Thinking different is hard.

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