Opinion: Fixing Connecticut’s cities

Suzanne Bates is a writer living in South Windsor with her family. She hasworked for news organizations including the Associated Press, New Hampshire Union Leader and Good Morning America Weekend, and recently completed a research fellowship at the Yankee Institute. Follow her on Twitter @suzebates.

When the Connecticut Policy Institute launched its urban policy initiative last week, it was a shame that Democratic spokesman James Hallinan stuck to politics, instead of telling voters what Democrats will do to help residents of the state’s struggling cities.

He could have taken the high road and spoken about his party’s plans to revitalize cities like Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport that are plagued with high unemployment, and crime rates that put them on the FBI’s list of the most dangerous cities in America in their size category.

It is true that CPI was founded by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, but if Hallinan would have taken the time to read the policy papers he would have found thoughtful, well-researched ideas on crime, education, housing and job growth, with policy recommendations that are straightforward and plausible.

The policies are also not about spending more — in fact they show that in many cases the state could get more by spending less. There are also several proposals on how we can spend our money smarter by measuring the effectiveness of our state and local policies.

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  1. spanner

    Just recently the Farm group gave praise to some of Norwalks reps,the other day the Democrats attacked the farm group.OUCH!

    A few months ago the lobstermen praised our state rep now recently they have been let down by the democrats,progress has stopped things were not reseached enough the industry is worse off.

    Can’t buy spring water in plastic bottles with State money was suggested a law in Ct,anyone? something to do with recycling could this be true?

    Natural gas for months have been pushed by the Democrats in Ct now gas has hit highest price levels ever,now since the last gas explosian reps from all states and from DC are calling for change.Gas doesn’t seem to be such a great idea after all.Shame Ct has pushed it as if its the new future but like the rail safety and cost was was no consideration to the negatives.

    politics at its best,consumer protection at its worst.

    Money is buying state reps no one is listening to those effected.

    Now we have protetction for the electric companies what is protecting the consumer?

    well-researched ideas on crime, education, housing and job growth,is ignored it shows in our own Norwalks reps are also guilty of this.

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