Opinion: Government eating away at the public’s right to know

NORWALK, Conn. — It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is: Your government of the people, by the people and for the people is increasingly trying to keep things from you.

In private business, this does not happen. The people who pay the freight would not and do not stand for a manager telling them “this is none of your business.” That manager would be headed out the door in 15 minutes, carrying a box or a trash bag full of his or her personal possessions.

You, the taxpayers, are the people paying your government officials and all its employees, from the president down to the City Hall janitor. Your payroll is huge, and you give great benefits, and, in return, you are frequently told “sorry, we can’t release that information.”

Sometimes the government simply cannot release “that” information, such as in true matters of national security that could compromise the lives and liberty of those defending the nation.

But what about locally? What about when the taxpayers need to know about the city and school employees? How are they doing? How are they performing? What are their qualifications for their positions? You have a right to know, so you can make informed decisions come time to vote for your city leaders who are responsible for hiring and appointing those people about whom you are inquiring.

And while Norwalk is more difficult in this manner than other cities and towns we have covered, the problem is growing across the country. The Associated Press offered this feature Saturday, March 15, that shows a nationwide trend toward governments trying to keep information from your prying eyes.

Fighting to pry information loose costs money. It ranges from having to pay for documents released by the city to paying for the time spent researching the documents to paying to go to Hartford for a hearing on complaints filed with the Freedom of Information Commission for non-compliance to filing suits against the government when all else fails. But getting you information is what we do.

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It’s Sunshine Week, a time to call attention to the public’s right to the freedom of information. Mayor Harry Rilling will recognize Sunshine Week this afternoon (Monday).





2 responses to “Opinion: Government eating away at the public’s right to know”

  1. John Hamlin

    It would be interesting to know the qualifications — training, education, degrees, and experience — of everyone working as a department head or in a senior position in a city department in Norwalk.

  2. Chris Bazan

    Time to donate to Nancy on Norwalk. NoN is an invaluable asset for our community and we all need to ensure it has long-term viability. I’m sending my donation immediately.

    We need you guys to keep city officials and all public officials honest. Without good, local journalism, where would we all be? Not only might our taxes be significantly higher than they have to be due to corruption, etc, but we might also be letting bad practices continue by not shining a light on them.

    Republicans should love NoN because it shines a light on the opaque and often inefficient aspects of Norwalk government, and Democrats should love NoN because it informs the populace of many great programs and services for our community. Win Win!!!

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