Opinion: Heroin – a conversation I wish I’d had

Lee Bodkin
Lee Bodkin

Lee Bodkin is director of communications of the Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism.

I went to my first funeral for a young person who died from a heroin overdose recently. I hope it’s my last.

This young person’s parents are friends of mine, not close friends, but friends. And I keep thinking — Could this senseless death have been prevented? Could a simple conversation have imparted enough information to keep this from happening? I will never know.

Heroin addiction does not discriminate; there really is no stereotypical person who gets addicted to this drug. Heroin is in our inner cities and our affluent suburbs. And the problem is growing.

If I could turn back time, these are the facts I would share with my friend or anyone who has a loved one coming out of rehab for heroin addiction.

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