Opinion: I don’t own a gun, but not for the reasons you probably think

When one is a vocal supporter of background checks before purchasing a firearm, or federal dollars to support research into gun-related deaths, or of the ability of medical doctors to inquire of patients suffering from clinical depression or other mental illness if there is a gun in the home, there is a certain breed of “gun rights” supporter that will automatically assume you have never touched a gun and hate the very idea of shooting one. Period. End of story.

But like most assumptions, these can be wrong.

In a video game arcade I head straight for the first person shooter games (race car games are a close second). When my boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas, we went to The Gun Store, and shot a variety of weapons including a Walther P99 and an assault weapon that was almost as big as I am. Forgive me, it was many years ago, and I can’t remember what, exactly, it was. I just remember how freaking BIG it was.

I enjoyed that experience so much the boyfriend considered getting me a year’s membership at a gun club in Norwalk.

Sarah Darer Littman is an award-winning columnist and novelist of books for teens. A former securities analyst, she’s now an adjunct in the MFA program at WCSU, and enjoys helping young people discover the power of finding their voice as an instructor at the Writopia Lab.

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