Opinion: It’s best to avoid the public cheap shots – they almost always come back to bite you

DanTapper-300x349-125x125Dan Tapper is a Senior Associate at Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc.

Don’t take cheap shots at others in public. It is a very, very bad idea.

That’s something a (now former) Congressional aide has learned the hard way.

Political discourse and criticism are expansive and necessary pursuits. Presidents, Governors, Senators and others in seats of tremendous power are to be held accountable at all times. For their actions and words, to be sure, but also – and especially in an era of social media and the 24-7 news cycle – for their demeanor, their mood, their temperament and even their subtlest of gestures. It may not always seem fair, but it’s the price you pay for being a leader in this Age of Immediacy.

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