Opinion: Jane Doe and the persistence of hope

Abby Anderson
Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson is executive director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance.

Jane Doe” is a young trans woman whose story seems to be never-ending.

Last month, the Department of Children and Families moved the horrifically abused 16-year-old from adult prison to a locked facility for delinquent girls.

After three weeks in that girls’ prison, Jane was allegedly involved in an assault. The state’s response was to send her to the juvenile prison for boys, Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Information released by the Office of the Child Advocate shows that four girls were accused of assault on a DCF employee in the incident, a detail omitted from DCF’s press release that makes us question the unique penalty Jane is now paying.

Myriad things are wrong with this picture. I have space to focus on one: The pathetic outcomes that arise from juvenile incarceration, particularly for children with trauma histories.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.


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