Opinion: Latest news and scandals demonstrate basic fact: perfect schools do not exist

Barth Keck
Barth Keck

School’s out for summer, but education is still making news:

• Parents in New York City sued their school board on July 3 because “tenure laws and protections for incompetent instructors deprive students of a constitutionally guaranteed ‘sound basic education’.” The lawsuit followed on the heels of a decision in which a Los Angeles judge struck down teacher tenure laws that allowed “incompetent instructors to remain in the classroom.”

• Bill Gates told Los Alamos National Laboratory employees on June 30 that “eradicating malaria, tuberculosis, and polio is easier than fixing the United States’ education system.” The Microsoft co-founder added that new educational technology will help, but it tends to benefit only those kids who are motivated — “and the one thing we have a lot of in the United States is unmotivated students.”

• Closer to home, Michael Sharpe, CEO of Family Urban Schools of Excellence (FUSE) and Hartford’s Jumoke Academy, a charter school, resigned June 21 “after his criminal past was revealed in news reports.” In addition, two other administrators at FUSE resigned shortly after Sharpe’s departure.

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