Opinion: Let’s develop solutions to Connecticut’s toughest problems

Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander is the CEO of ConnCAN (Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now).

Regarding Sarah Darer Littman’s Sept. 19, 2014, op-ed, “Don’t Let Foundation Money Be A Trojan Horse,” the egregious twisting of facts and history buries the important message at the core of Littman’s argument. Sadly, the piece is also a distraction from the real issue at hand, which is improving schools for all children in our state.

Underlying Littman’s murky musings, it appears that she believes that the manner in which Connecticut students are funded is inherently unfair. In this she is correct. Too often the funding of child’s public education is based on where that child lives or what type a public school they attend.

ConnCAN believes that no child should be denied a great education based on race, where they live, or family income. I would hope that Littman agrees with this sentiment. However, nowhere in her op-ed does she offer any recognition that the quality of education in Connecticut varies wildly, based solely on what zip code a child calls home.

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