Opinion: Ten predictions

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John Levin, well-known thinker.

Updated, 9:17 a.m.: New headline, corrected numbering.

Yes, 2019 has arrived. What were you expecting, a redo of 2017?  Here are 10 predictions for the coming year, each one based on my ability to make predictions.


1. Jason Milligan takes over POKO by buying control of the project from Citigroup.

2. Brookfield pulls the plug on the SoNo Collection, halts construction and offers the project for sale as-is.

3. What Mike Barbis apologized for becomes publicly known.

4. Norwalk Republicans decline to nominate a Republican candidate for Mayor, and instead endorse independent Lisa Brinton Thomson.

5. Gov. Lamont pulls the plug on the existing Walk Bridge project and directs the CT DOT to start over with a cheaper and more practical solution.

6. Harry Rilling embraces an issue.

7. Additional gas stations, liquor stores and check cashing stores open for business in Norwalk.

8. 45 Wall Street gets windows.

9. The Memorial Day Parade proceeds without a hitch.

10. Peaches Pub & Juke Joint gets a permanent sign.


Okay, that was fun, here’s another 10:


11. Bob Welsh gets a third _______.

12. City Hall opens Department of Assistants, hires five new deputy assistants.

13. Jackie Lightfield and Diane Lauricella start Norwalk 3.0.

14. A promising new antibiotic is discovered inside Brien McMahon tunnels.

15. Donald Trump visits Norwalk, and has lunch with Mike Mushak at Chick-fil-A.  Mexico pays for lunch.

16. Lisa Brinton Thomson embraces an issue that isn’t Harry.

17. Westport Weed dispensary applies for a permit to open a branch in Norwalk.

18. Rowayton welcomes affordable housing.

19. Darwin Day Dinner speaker renounces evolution.

20. John Levin gets punched in the face by 35 people who know him.



John Levin is a Chapman Hyperlocal Media Inc. Board member.  The opinions expressed here are his own.


7 responses to “Opinion: Ten predictions”

  1. Piberman

    Here’s a short list: property taxes up 3%, housing prices continue to fall, Grand List remains changed, City Hall adds staff and more renters seek out Norwalk.

  2. enough

    I agree with your first 10. The last ones they are pretty funny.

  3. Bob Welsh

    Hilarious. We are in agreement on many of these predictions. We are not in agreement regarding #2, which in my opinion is impossible.

  4. EnoPride

    This is great! I am betting that 45 Wall Street will amazingly not get windows in 2019 unless we residents go ahead and start a Go Fund Me page to raise money for them. No building in Norwalk seems to get deblighted until after more than a decade, so City Hall still has time to surpass the underachievers’ decade deadline on this particular building. City Hall is busy these days creating more excessive six figure positions and discussing an imaginary 15 million dollar (waste of) taxpayer money incentivized Innovation District to be bothered with such insignificance as blight. Amazing that with the staggering amount of department heads, City Hall has proven time and time again that they are completely inept at pressuring to accomplish the cheaper, quicker fixes and to tick down the list and fight the blight with any kind of urgency and/or consistency. They are so complacent regarding the subject matter citywide that perception is that they are indifferent to neglect and blight. Perception is reality.

    Meanwhile, our neighboring towns’ residents would never allow this mismanagement and neglect regarding blight enforcement from their local government. You just don’t see these eyesore abandoned buildings around those towns, as those towns are clearly more hyperaware to the reality that empty or blighted buildings scare people away and lose money, so they fight to avoid blight at all costs. Why can’t Norwalk do the same? Appearance is everything. New businesses will not be enticed to move into a blighted downtown with unfinished, rotting (POKO 1), windowless buildings. Our downtown is a direct reflection of poor leadership at City Hall. New leadership please!!! Fight the Blight!!!! Lisa for Mayor!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Piberman

    Norwalk has been “underperforming” for decades compared to our surrounding towns. Why expect change in 2019 or any other year. With 40% renters (notoriously transient) where is the impetus for change ? Long term homeowners in Norwalk and throughout the Gold Coast are “selling out”. Some 4,000 listings !

  6. John Levin

    Wow – effin’ brilliant, Mr. Levin! Surely you may become the sooth of Norwalk. #20 however seems worrying. Can we make that one go away?

  7. Larry

    John- #2 is a frightening spectre to contemplate – even briefly…Fingers crossed here that your soothsaying powers have let you down on this one…As for #s 11-20, they are inspired. Thanks for dispensing some mirth in a mirth-less time…Happy New Year!

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