Opinion: Malloy’s economic record is a strong one

Sean Goldrick
Sean Goldrick

Sean Goldrick is a Democratic member of the Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation.

In the old TV detective series Dragnet, Jack Webb’s Detective Joe Friday was famous for saying, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  So channeling my inner Jack Webb, here are the facts.

A recent Hearst editorial asked, “[Gov.] Malloy disputes a $2.3 billion deficit projected over the two years beginning in fiscal year 2016, saying that it includes assumed taxes he would not raise. But what would he do to whittle that deficit?”

Here’s the answer. First, the Office of Fiscal Analysis’ projection is based on the absurd notion that Malloy would increase spending by 7.8 percent. The four budgets Malloy has proposed and passed averaged increases of less than 2.8 percent. The current year’s budget increased spending just 2.4 percent. So the suggestion that any spending increase will nearly triple next year is nonsense.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.



4 responses to “Opinion: Malloy’s economic record is a strong one”

  1. According to CNBC, Connecticut is the 5th worst state in the country for business and has the second-worst performing economy of the 50 states (http://www.cnbc.com/id/101769584#). If that awful performance qualifies as a “strong economic record”, I shudder to think what a ‘weak economic record’ would be!

  2. Piberman

    The non-partisan OFA has a strong reputation or credibility involving CT budget projections. If re-elected Gov Malloy will have to impose another major tax hike to counter the loss of revenue in the next recession. Unless he cuts spending of state unions whose employment holds dear. If elected a Gov Foley might well enact a smaller increase. But an increase is in the stars.

  3. John Hamlin

    What is this guy smoking?

  4. Ken

    Malloys odor is a strong one. Vote Foley!

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