Opinion: NPS students participate in National Invention Convention Conference

Fostering a healthy spirit for competition inspires students to do their best, while providing valuable skills that will serve them well throughout many aspects of their lives. At Norwalk Public Schools, we realize the importance of giving our students the opportunity to enhance critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship, while encouraging their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Throughout the school year, NPS students participated in a variety of academic competitions including Invention Convention, National History Day, the National Geographic State Bee, and the NPS district STEM Expo. Participation in these events represent the district’s commitment to providing rigorous learning opportunities.

The Invention Convention was designed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate skills independently as they invent a new product or process to solve a real-world problem. Students follow the same steps and patent application procedures that an inventor would follow in patenting an invention.

Earlier this spring, 19 students from across the district were recognized as winners at the state competition held at the University of Connecticut. Six Norwalk Public Schools students then qualified to attend the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in Michigan at The Henry Ford Museum.

While at the national competition, students noticed the sheer volume of items that have been invented and innovated over time, from tables to agricultural tools to telephones. Additionally, students discussed innovation ideas with others from around the country and world. They also spoke with professionals in the field, including United Technologies and other engineering companies.

The Board of Education would like to recognize the NPS student inventors who are in attendance this evening:

  • Brookside first grader Grace Weglian not only participated in Invention Convention for the first time this year, she placed 3rd at the national competition for her Sticky-Drip Catcher Cookie.
  • Wolfpit Elementary School fifth grader Margaret Donahue competed with her Pop Fly Finder invention.
  • Roton Middle School sixth grader Kalina Zapert competed with her On “N” Off Cleat.
  • Roton Middle School sixth grader Ryan Turnbull was recognized for an invention called Wide Awake!
  • Cranbury Elementary School fourth grader Caroline Colvin was recognized for The Pad Cap invention.
  • Nathan Hale Middle School sixth grader Tyler Consolati could not join us this evening, but we would like to acknowledge him for his Dust Bunny Extractor invention.


Thanks to the Gifted and Talented educators who supported our students throughout the process, including  Jennifer Mendez, who is the Gifted and Talented teacher at Brookside.

We are so proud of our student inventors. Your perseverance and passion for problem solving made our district proud. We hope that you will continue to think critically and creatively, and reach for the stars in all that you do.


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