Opinion: Of course, it’s all related

Our political conversation is an old dog with no new tricks.

The party in power says the minority party has no solutions and the situation was worse when the other guys were in charge. The minority party smugly asks whether you are happy with the status quo. When power shifts, the red and blue folks nod, change playbooks and assume the strategy of the adversary.

It seems as if there is simply no way to agree — until you realize that we already do.

Everyone’s goals are to have full employment, a robust economy, and no need for social services. However, it always seems we are engaged in a false argument about whether we invest in people or the economy, as if the two don’t overlap.

Brian O’Shaughnessy of New Haven is a principal in the firm Community Impact Strategies Ltd.  The mission of CIS is to facilitate the investment of public and private capital for the purpose of creating measureable improvements in human productivity and living conditions.

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2 responses to “Opinion: Of course, it’s all related”

  1. Casey Smith

    Thank you, Brian, for recognizing the link between a flourishing economy and the societal condition. People often refer to the 1980’s as the Decade of Greed. I didn’t see it as the Decade of Greed, I saw it as the Decade of Prosperity.In my recollection, we were able to pay our bills and still had enough to spend on things we needed, like replacing an ailing vehicle.

  2. the donut hole

    Government workers earn double their private sector counterparts. This wasn’t true in the 1980s. Clearly there has to be a balance. We are overpaying for government. They have collectively crafted a powerful lobby that has elected lawmakers who have given the store away with zero accountability.

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