Opinion: Provide access to economic change

Brian O’Shaughnessy of New Haven is a principal in the firm Community Impact Strategies Ltd.  The mission of CIS is to facilitate the investment of public and private capital for the purpose of creating measurable improvements in human productivity and living conditions.

Change is really hard.

Neither political party will embrace change. It makes sense. There is more money in protecting power. This is an unfortunate fact of life: state, local and federal government spending represents $7 trillion dollars. That is something you protect.

Instinctively, we know change is important. Our sitting President leveraged the word — perhaps more than the concept — and won his first election. He may have won the second election because we are afraid of change.

Folks that study economic policy acknowledge we need big change to reverse trends that undermine the strength of our economy. As an observation, most folks would agree. The means to this end, however, is a political landmine.

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