Opinion: Rebuilding infrastructure, rebuilding our economy

Ron McLellan

Ron McLellan

Ron McLellan is president of the Connecticut Employees Union Independent.

Gov. Dannel P.  Malloy has shown leadership and vision for proposing a long overdue investment in transportation. Prior administrations have ignored increased traffic flows and deteriorating roads and bridges. It should be one of government’s top priorities to ensure safe infrastructure for the millions of people that use it every day.

Our Connecticut Department of Transportation workers, who maintain our roads and bridges, see first-hand when problems develop and then continue to deteriorate due to the lack of funding for staff and repairs. Lawmakers seem to shy away from having an honest discussion with the taxpayers about our crumbling transportation infrastructure and how we can raise the money to rebuild it. That discussion would happen quickly in the aftermath of a catastrophic failure.

Everyone wants progress, however nobody wants change.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.


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