Opinion: Shout out to accreditation

Anthony Allison

Anthony Allison is the Chief Initiative Officer of Norwalk ACTS.

Shout Out to the staff at Growing Seeds Too, Child Development Center at Benjamin Franklin Center. The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) has recognized Growing Seeds Too as an accredited program! The Ben Franklin location houses 3 preschool and 2 toddler classrooms.

This is a hard won accomplishment that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated work of the entire staff! 

With this, all of Norwalk’s funded programs are now accredited!

And thank you to Mary Oster – City of Norwalk, Early Childhood Coordinator – for making us aware of this achievement.


2 responses to “Opinion: Shout out to accreditation”

  1. Kathleen

    Congratulations! NAEYC accreditation is the gold standard for preschools and very difficult to receive. Kudos to everyone for the hard work and quality programs!

  2. Sherelle Harris

    Congratulations to the entire Growing Seeds staff. Job well done!

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