Opinion: Shout Outs to NPS July graduates, prenatal effort

Anthony Allison

Anthony Allison is the executive director of Norwalk ACTS.

Shout Out to the Norwalk Public School students who graduated on July 31st. This was the ninth year of Summer Graduation. According to Dr. Dan Sullivan, Director of Summer Programs, “the goal is to give students and families positive closure to their high school and Norwalk Public School experience. By reaching this milestone, we hope this will propel them positively into the next phase of their life.”

Brien McMahon High School Graduates:

  • Travis Ambrosio
  • Esmerelda Cervantes
  • Andres Arbelaez
  • Karina Corona
  • Juan Arias
  • Trinity Foulks
  • Luis Avalos
  • Ashaunti Hodrick
  • Arly Barreto
  • Lissan Otero
  • Kevin Bonilla
  • Joshua Tarzia
  • Aniqua Booker
  • Evary Zorilla

Norwalk High School Graduates:

  • Grayson Brandfellner
  • Erica Latimer
  • Montanna Cawley
  • Chris Lucero
  • Aidan Coimin
  • Marbin Molina-Diaz
  • Moises Cornejo
  • Fernandez, Zariya Paige
  • Rafael Degro
  • Marie Betina Paulemon
  • Shanice Gouldburne
  • Maicol Ruiz
  • Sazzad Hossan
  • Sequon Satawhite
  • Mike Sander’s Jeune
  • Michael Joseph Smith
  • Dontae King
  • Gonzalo Villalpando
  • Ariel Jalyn Langlois

Other highlights from the ceremony included an incredible music performance by Emmanuella Jean-Louis, NPS Alumni 2017, and Justin Merville, and inspirational words – “Graduate’s Perspective” – from Kevin Vega, NPS Alumni 2018.

Congratulations to all of these resilient and dedicated students!!


Also, Shout Out to the Norwalk ACTS Team – Mary Kate Locke, Hollie Galeano, Meg Pyne, Shannon Queiroga, Marcia Hughes, Marijane Carey, Kareena DuPlessis – that is participating in the StriveTogether Prenatal-3 Impact and Improvement Network.

Click on the link below to access the Norwalk ACTS Prenatal – 3yrs team blog post that gives a great overview of the project and our focus on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and home visiting. Extremely proud of all of the accomplishments thus far and really excited to see this work go even further!!


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