Opinion: Sometimes we can just all get along

Suzanne Bates
Suzanne Bates

Suzanne Bates is the policy director for the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. She lives in South Windsor with her family. Follow her on Twitter @suzebates.

It was clear that Brink Lindsey, vice president of research at Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, was surprised to find himself on the same panel as the well-known progressive activist Ralph Nader.

Lindsey said that as a young man he considered Nader — a Connecticut resident who was made famous by his many runs for president, as well as his consumer advocacy — one of “Satan’s henchman.”

“Yeah, you hear that right, Ralph Nader is speaking at the Cato Institute,” said Lindsey. “That little popping sound you hear is heads exploding all over Washington.”

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