Opinion: Spotlight on 2019 STEM Expo winners

There was a buzz at the third annual Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Expo, and it wasn’t just the drones overhead. Hundreds of attendees interacted with students while learning about innovative ideas for the future.

This year’s citywide event was the med “Engineering for the Future.” Attendees had the opportunity to engage in interactive experiences including robots, virtual reality, 3D goggles and flight simulation.

Projects included in this year’s Expo were selected from student and classroom work presented at individual STEM Expos held throughout the district. Each K-8 classroom designed a team project focused on STEM with grades 9-12 responsible for individual presentations. Projects from various Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon student organizations were also selected to participate in the Expo.

STEM Expo judges included educators, city officials, students, representatives from local agencies, honored dignitaries and community partners. “STEM Championship” trophies were awarded in all divisions.

The Norwalk Board of Education would like to congratulate everyone who participated in this fun event, showcasing Norwalk’s commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   .

The following K -8 student teams were named winners of the 2019 STEM Expo for showcasing their mastery of STEM content.


K-2: Marvin Elementary School (Grade 2), “Team Milk & Cookies”

  • Students: Johnny Malvicini, Brennan Figueroa, Younes Tazi, Marlina Tomaselli, Gianni Capasso.
  • Teacher: Ms. Michelle Suda

3-5: Jefferson Elementary School (Grade 5), “Team Antarctica Survival!”

  • Students: Sarita Hernandez, Joanne Sanchez, Sebastian Camille, Matthew Smart
  • Teacher: Ms. Amy Luciana

6th grade: Roton Middle School, “Team Penguin Protectors”

  • Students: Stella Sweitzer, Thomas Manna, Ryan Turnbull, Kaylynne Canahui
  • Teacher: Mr. Kenneth Wood

7th grade: Roton Middle School , “Team And Now We Wait…”

  • Students: Ella Dino, Rosie Strickland, Raisa Yousuf, Roshini Yousuf
  • Teacher: Ms. Lorry Given


8th Grade: West Rocks Middle School, “Team Shooting Stars”

  • Students: Jannatul Mina, Danyella Moran, Janelle Ruiz
  • Teacher: Mr. Ryan Mitchell

The Board of Education is proud to honor these students and teachers for their ability to bring real world issues and solutions to life through STEM. As the career landscape continues to evolve, these skills will serve as building blocks throughout educational careers and beyond.


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  1. John Levin

    It’s surprising that the author of this article/press release fails to identify the date and location of the STEM Expo event.

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