Opinion: Student privacy and the military in Connecticut

I’m dumfounded witnessing the influence apparently wielded by the military in Connecticut’s General Assembly. Its influence runs counter to the sensibilities and civil liberties of the citizens of the Constitution State. Apparently the Department of Defense has such clout few have the courage or political will to oppose it. This is not what democracy looks like.

On Thursday SB 423, “An Act Concerning Student Privacy and the Administration of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery” was allegedly referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs for legislative death. Apparently, committee members have “serious reservations” regarding the bill. How odd it is that legislation designed to protect the privacy of Connecticut High School children should be re-routed through the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs!

A child can go to school in Connecticut, be tested by the Pentagon, and have test results, detailed demographic information and social security numbers released to recruiters without parental consent or knowledge.

Information gathered as a result of the administration of the ASVAB is the only information leaving Connecticut’s schools about children without providing for parental consent. SB 423 would change that. The members of the Education Committee overwhelmingly thought it was a good bill, but some members of the veteran’s Committee have serious reservations. How does this work, exactly?

Pat Elder is the director of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.


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  1. M. Murray’s

    Really???? With all the student privacy issues occurring, this is the one they worry about? Students property can be searched, their internet activities monitored and used against them, their free speech infringed upon, and they are worried about the military providing them with the opportunity to serve without the student being required to talk to them??!!

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