Opinion: Union members not interested in ‘Wisconsin Moment’

Harry Rodriguez and Uri Allen
Harry Rodriguez and Uri Allen

Uri Allen is an associate community services representative at the Connecticut Department of Labor and a member of AFSCME Local 269, representing more than 500 state employees. Harry Rodriguez is a Lawrence + Memorial (L+M) Hospital health unit coordinator and president of AFT Local 5123, which represents more than 800 healthcare workers at the acute care facility.

A union is its members. Here in Connecticut, our unions are made up of ordinary middle class people like us, who work hard to make Connecticut the great state that it is. We are proud to be part of organizations that advocate on behalf of all working people.

This is why, after working full days and taking care of our children and families, we volunteer our precious free time to impact the issues that affect workers statewide. We knock on doors, talk to our co-workers, and discuss our pensions, healthcare costs, and election results because our livelihoods depend on it.

Elections have consequences, and this year is no different. Connecticut voters have a big decision to make in November. Union members and our families are smart; we know what Connecticut workers stand to lose if we elect the wrong people in November.

A year ago, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley asked, “When is the Wisconsin moment going to come to Connecticut?” He was referring, of course, to Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Assembly that stripped Wisconsin public service workers of most of their collective bargaining rights with the enactment of Act 10.

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2 responses to “Opinion: Union members not interested in ‘Wisconsin Moment’”

  1. John Hamlin

    Union members don’t want a Wisconsin moment, but many of us taxpayers do indeed want to see the public employee unions lose the right to collectively bargain against the taxpayers, with an arbitration system and political patronage stacked against the taxpayers. Enough of the fiscal irresponsibility. It’s a corrupt political patronage system that needs to go.

  2. potaxpayer

    if we elect malloy again there won’t be any jobs for anyone except illegal immigrants in ct.

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