Opinion: Website operators need to take a break – and I’m doing it

I knew that the man in my friend Amy’s life is a pilot but I never expected to be invited up for a ride when I came for a visit.
I left my camera home so this is the best photo I have of a manatee we flew over. We also saw other manatees, a thrashing pod of dolphins and sharks. My friends saw sea turtles, but those were on the other side of the plane. It was the “best wildlife day ever,” Amy said.

Hey, I’m Florida.

I know, it’s hot. It’s funny to have people say that right away because it was hotter in New Jersey when I left. Yes, it’s hot here, but I don’t particularly mind. You may recall that we lived here for a while.

The point is I’m taking a vacation. I’ve been here for more than a week, working, but now I’m planning to indulge in fun-fun-fun. My sister-in-law has bought tickets to Orlando theme parks and we are going to be doing what my friend Amy calls a “forced march” through Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. And the Kennedy Space Center.

Taff the Wonder Dog, fresh from a swim in a Massachusetts pond.

I dubbed this visiting with family and old friends the Personal Evolution Tour, which I liked partly because it’s true and partly because that spells PET. I had no idea I would have so many interactions with pets while traveling! First I went to Cape Cod for a weekend with a writer who I hadn’t seen for years, and was introduced to her special Border Collie. Then, both of my Englewood, Fla., best friends have pets I hadn’t met and my Tampa friends found kittens in the garage and kept them, of course. So here are a few photos.

This laid back Tampa darling is as close as you can get to a clone of one we used to have.

So please indulge me as I allow family and friends to indulge me. I’m not planning to post much this week. I’ll be back early next week.

In the meantime, Harold Cobin is pitching in. I’ll post whatever comes in, after the forced march of the day. Comment approval may be a little slow. (Folks, you know me. No one will be surprised if I open my iPhone and check the website while standing in some line somewhere.)

Jasmine is one friendly dog!

Anyway, I wrote this in the home of my fabulous friend, Amy, before heading to Orlando. Amy has koi fish, tropical greenery and a cat that is oh-so-happy to cuddle. Amy has me counting my blessings and putting things into perspective, in the way that only someone who has known me for a long time can do. PET. With pets. Something I needed.

This pair lives in Tampa, but I met them in Hyannis, Mass.


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  1. Casey Smith

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Missy Conrad

    It is wonderful to hear that you, Nancy, are having such a special vacation!!

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