Who can get vaccinated against COVID in Connecticut, and when? Here’s what you need to know

Mikaela Coady, a physician assistant with Priority Urgent Care of Ellington, fills a syringe with a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic at St. Bernard Church in the Rockville section of Vernon on Jan. 28. (Cloe Poisson, CTMirror.org)

Gov. Ned Lamont has overhauled the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, prioritizing people based on age rather than on underlying medical conditions, job title, or other factors. The shift was announced Monday. The move represents a significant break from federal guidance, and Connecticut is one of few states to prioritize people strictly by age. Continue reading Who can get vaccinated against COVID in Connecticut, and when? Here’s what you need to know


Norwalk political notes: Dems gain, Rs show a loss

Plus: an NPS accounting and an OHPA inquiry

Norwalk Public Schools Gifted and Talented Coordinator Lori Leibowitz shows a slide during the May 26 Board of Education Curriculum & Instruction Committee meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk political info for you:

  • Norwalk Republicans – and Democrats, and others – switch parties
  • What NPS has done with the money
  • Golf carts? In February?

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Norwalk photos: Sidewalks blocked by snow

It must have been an oversight that this City park adjacent to the Norwalk Housing Authority’s Meadow Gardens housing project was left unplowed, Norwalk Communications Manager Josh Morgan said Thursday. “Staff will be heading out to make sure it is fully cleared.”

NORWALK, Conn. — A Norwalk ordinance requires property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow but as many pedestrians know, it’s not necessarily happening.

Here’s a set of photos of sidewalks left impassable after the Feb. 7-8 storm. According to Norwalk Communications Manager Josh Morgan, the ordinance’s enforcement was stepped up under the recent reorganization of top City administrative positions “to have a specific focus on neighborhoods.” Continue reading Norwalk photos: Sidewalks blocked by snow


NPS responds to Common Council statements

The Board of Education and Norwalk Public Schools would like to address incorrect information that was presented at Thursday’s special meeting of the Common Council Finance Committee, following the public hearing.

On health insurance estimated costs:  There was no budgeting error, padding or incompetence in the forecast of health insurance benefit costs for 2021-22.  From the early stages of the budget cycle through to the most recent public meetings, we emphasized that the State of Connecticut had not yet released any information on next year’s rates under the State health plan that covers our employees. Continue reading NPS responds to Common Council statements


Duff should step down from leadership role


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I am appalled at Senator Bob Duff’s actions against parents and vaccine-injured children in Connecticut.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16th, the largest public hearing in the State of Connecticut took place to review HB-6423 and SB-568. These bills are asking for the removal of the religious exemption for vaccines in the State of Connecticut. If either bill passed, thousands of children would be removed from Connecticut schools due to their religious beliefs and medical conditions.  Continue reading Duff should step down from leadership role



NPS needs 4.6% increase

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As a long-time resident of Norwalk, I’m saddened by the attitude I encounter as a real estate agent:  I can’t tell you how many times I have been showing homes to potential buyers and they make derogatory comments about how the quality of Norwalk’s schools.  Just last weekend, I was working with clients looking for homes in Wilton and Westport.  I asked if they would consider surrounding areas and they responded “Yes, but definitely NOT Norwalk.” Continue reading NPS needs 4.6% increase


As Biden promises to tackle housing discrimination, HUD scrutinizes Connecticut’s laws

2 Orchard Rd in Woodbridge. A team of attorneys filed an application to build a four-unit building on the 1.5 acre lot in Woodbridge that is zoned for only a single-family home. (New Haven Independent)

When President Joe Biden took office, his administration inherited an unresolved complaint and lawsuit that civil rights attorneys filed last fall, charging that Connecticut’s housing laws — which leave most decisions to local officials — are harmful to Black and Latino residents.

Now, while U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Justice determine if the state is violating federal fair housing laws — by limiting where Section 8 housing vouchers can be used and where affordable housing can be developed — state lawmakers for the fourth consecutive year are considering whether to tackle the issue before the federal government decides whether to step in. Continue reading As Biden promises to tackle housing discrimination, HUD scrutinizes Connecticut’s laws



Norwalk CFO’s recommended budget gets preliminary green light

Thursday’s Norwalk Common Council Finance Committee meeting on Zoom.

NORWALK, Conn. — The proposed Norwalk budget gap – said by Board of Education members to be short of what’s needed to avoid school budget cuts –moved forward Thursday.

The Finance Committee voted 5-1 to advance the $384.6 million total appropriation limit to the full Common Council for a vote Tuesday. Mayor Harry Rilling and Committee Chairman Greg Burnett (D-At Large) stressed that this is a beginning step in the process, that the Board of Estimate and Taxation will spend much of March combing through department budget requests and the budget cap could be raised in April. Continue reading Norwalk CFO’s recommended budget gets preliminary green light


Norwalk awards $5K grants to 30 small businesses

Mayor Harry Rilling, Norwalk Chief of Economic and Community Development Jessica Vonashek (formerly Jessica Casey) and Director of Business Development & Tourism Sabrina Church use a lottery to name 30 businesses as winners of COVID-19 Small Business Grants.

NORWALK, Conn. — Thirty small Norwalk businesses were chosen to receive $5,000 grants Thursday, out of 234 applicants.

The COVID-19 Small Business Grant Program was funded by $75,000 the Economic and Community Development department “found” in the budget and $75,000 from contingency funds, Norwalk Chief of Economic and Community Development Jessica Vonashek, formerly Jessica Casey, said. Continue reading Norwalk awards $5K grants to 30 small businesses


Who funds density?

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The 2021-22 Norwalk City budget debate continues. Our mill rate is set to rise again, with a +/-4 percent property tax increase and $8 million Rainy Day fund drawdown necessary to fund local government. All this despite high-density commercial development everywhere throughout the city.

Urban development has been occurring throughout the United States for the past 20 years. Good or bad, one need not look any further than Norwalk or Stamford to witness changes to our cityscapes. Density can benefit communities by increasing social, convenience, economic factors and walkable spaces with lively places and amenities. Norwalk has benefited from some of the commercial construction in terms of grand list growth, but not enough.  Density has also brought increased local and highway traffic, empty storefronts and a loss of the sense of community for many.  In 2019, the Hartford Courant published an American Transportation Association report, ranking Norwalk 47th in the nation for city bottlenecks and road congestion.  Continue reading Who funds density?


Norwalk leaders offer budget info

The Norwalk Planning Commission questions Norwalk Chief Financial Officer Henry Dachowitz, Tuesday via Zoom.

NORWALK, Conn. – From dire warnings for Planning Commissioners to optimistic commentary at the Democratic Town Committee meeting, Norwalk leaders have conveyed opinions this week on the weighty budgetary decisions being made without a firm sense of what tomorrow will bring.

Some key thoughts:

  • No to a welcome center – at Briggs anyway
  • New Norwalk High School is the motivation to delay other projects
  • Lamont said to support Open Choice for Norwalk/Danbury schools
  • Dropping to Double A not considered an option

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