Road detours expected; ADHD, Sukkott and police appreciation

The Maritime Aquarium will be observing Sukkot, the Jewish fall harvest celebration. (Contributed)

Announcements of interest.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk announcements for you:

  • SoNo Marathon to cause traffic detours and closures
  • Library forum on ADHD
  • Maritime Aquarium to mark Sukkot
  • Synagogue honors police

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Three Norwalk seniors named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists

Brien McMahon High School Principal Barbara Wood and Anna Nelson, a semifinalist for the 68th annual National Merit Scholarship. (Norwalk Public Schools)

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation has announced the names of over 16,000 semifinalists in the 68th annual National Merit Scholarship Program this year and three of the semifinalists are Norwalk high school seniors.

Anna Nelson from Brien McMahon High School, Matthew Peter Francoeur from Norwalk High School and Isabella Kuhr from the Center for Global Studies must fulfill several more requirements to be considered for the Merit Scholarship award and advance to the finalist level of the competition. Continue reading Three Norwalk seniors named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists


Milligan draws attention to his ‘POKO’ arguments

Tuesday’s Common Council meeting on Zoom.

NORWALK, Conn. —  The “POKO lawsuit” made it to the Norwalk Common Council’s main stage Tuesday, even if it wasn’t on the Council meeting agenda.

Mayor Harry Rilling ruled real estate broker Jason Milligan out of order and suggested he would have security called to remove Milligan from the Council chambers.

Most Norwalk meetings, including those held by the Council, allow citizens to speak for three minutes on a topic that is on the agenda. Milligan had claimed he wanted to talk about an agenda item, “Corporation Counsel,” otherwise called the City’s legal department. “Corporation Counsel” is listed on the agenda for every meeting as a header under which there might be an item, such as a legal settlement for the Council to discuss or vote on. There were no items listed Tuesday. Continue reading Milligan draws attention to his ‘POKO’ arguments


Norwalkers protest outside City Hall

A protest Tuesday outside Norwalk City Hall. (Harold F. Cobin)

NORWALK, Conn. — A

About 20 people, including some political candidates, gathered Tuesday outside City Hall in a dual protest against NPS’ planned switch to Middle School Choice and the Board of Education’s holding meetings on Zoom.

In a Friday announcement about the latest “choice” development, Norwalk Public Schools had said students might not be able to attend the middle school in their neighborhood, then added to parents’ outrage by saying that NPS’  planned town hall to discuss the transition was only going to be online.

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Middle school announcement inspires call to oust BoE Chairman, plan to protest

Screengrab of a petition posted Monday.

NORWALK, Conn. — A petition to “remove” Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Colin Hosten. A call for a protest at City Hall.

Both are inspired by a school district move toward Middle School Choice. An announcement sent Friday to fifth grade students’ families inspired angry comments on the Facebook page Norwalk Parents for Education and a Monday post on the NPS Facebook page generated a similar response.  Continue reading Middle school announcement inspires call to oust BoE Chairman, plan to protest


Setting the record straight on debates…      

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It wasn’t that long ago, that during election season, candidates eagerly awaited being invited to a League of Women Voters of Connecticut debate. Our reputation as a century-old non-partisan political organization guaranteed that they would be treated fairly when it came to how the debate was organized and that each candidate would be treated in the same way, regardless of their party affiliation.  This is the first time we have encountered so much opposition by the parties, and (some) candidates to participate in our debates or control how we run them.

This is unfortunate. Something has changed, but it is not the League. Continue reading Setting the record straight on debates…      


‘Launch’ of Middle School Choice lacks community input

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Editor’s note: Norwalk Public Schools has invited fifth grade families to an online town hall Tuesday. NPS has not publicized a link to its meeting. 

Where IS the parent input? Where is the discussion and the communication from the BOE?

I recently saw the NPS website which excitedly announces the “LAUNCH” of Middle School Choice. This is a BIG change for our local education community. There is no doubt that many parents would agree that middle school is the weakest link within NPS, but how does something like this get implemented and placed and already launched on the NPS website without any community input? Continue reading ‘Launch’ of Middle School Choice lacks community input



Norwalk Hospital plans expansion

Screengrab of a document posted on the Norwalk Planning and Zoning pending applications’ webpage.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Hospital is looking to add to its existing facilities in an effort to provide more comprehensive care to patients in the region.

Norwalk Hospital is located on almost 16 acres of land along Maple Avenue and Stevens Street. The hospital recently became a part of Nuvance Health, which also runs hospitals in Danbury, Waterbury, and New York. Continue reading Norwalk Hospital plans expansion


NPS announces Middle School Choice, parents cry foul

Screengrab from the March 1 Board of Education workshop meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Public Schools is “transitioning from a concept of middle school assignments based on neighborhoods to families choosing which school they wish their child to attend regardless of where they live in Norwalk.”

Approved by the Board of Education in March, this latest move toward “choice” will affect next year’s incoming middle school students. Now that an announcement has gone out, some parents are balking. For one thing, children won’t be guaranteed a place at the middle school closest to their home.   Continue reading NPS announces Middle School Choice, parents cry foul


Norwalk deserves transparency in Milligan settlement offer

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Last week, Jason Milligan sent to the Common Council the attached settlement offer.  On Thursday, I sent the attached resolution to the City Clerks and a request to have it included in Tuesday’s agenda.  This request was denied, not in writing but by evidence of agenda that has now been published.

While the ability of the minority party to have resolutions be part of the agenda is not expressly stated in the Rules governing the Council as recently adopted, Norwalk has a rich history going back decades of this practice.  Alex Knopp and Mike Lyons, to name a few, used this power of the minority party frequently as members of past Councils.  This is one of the pillars of Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure (“Mason’s Rules”) which the Council adopted with certain exceptions, which make no mention of resolutions.

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Memorial for Bill Collins set for Oct. 8

Former Mayor Bill Collins, in 2016 on Berkeley Street, wearing a Veterans for Peace hat.

A family photo of the late Bill Collins. (Contributed)

NORWALK, Conn. —A “celebration of life” memorial service for late Norwalk Mayor Bill Collins is scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday Oct. 8 at the Maritime Aquarium. You can attend in person or via Zoom.

“The service will feature remembrances of Bill’s life from his family and his wide circle of friends that will celebrate his remarkable activities and his lasting achievements as a state legislator, Norwalk Mayor, statewide advocate for progressive issues, op ed columnist, and international traveler,” a news release said. Continue reading Memorial for Bill Collins set for Oct. 8