A Norwalk photo #19

NORWALK, Conn. – Check it out: the windows have been installed at 45 Wall St.

The building was damaged nine years ago by a fire. This saga stretched on for years; owner Ganga Duleep originally blamed TD Bank for holding up renovations and won a lawsuit against the bank in 2013.  Renovations began in April 2015 after the city enacted a blight ordinance and Norwalk Chief Building Official Bill Ireland issued citations to Duleep and TD Bank. Continue reading A Norwalk photo #19


Norwalk roundup: SoNo Collection, Wall Street Theater and NRVT

A rendering of the Mercedes Benz showroom expected to temporarily occupy The SoNo Collection, on file in the Norwalk Planning and Zoning Office.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk developments:

  • Amazon and Mercedes Benz coming to The SoNo Collection
  • Farricker: Theater booking is weird
  • A way forward for the Norwalk River Valley Trail

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Norwalk District A Council candidates opine

Norwalk Democratic District A Common Council candidates David Heuvelman, left, and Kadeem Roberts. (Contributed)

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. – Today, we bring thoughts from David Heuvelman and Kadeem Roberts, two Democrats who are shoo-ins to the Common Council as they are running unopposed to represent District A.

NancyOnNorwalk sent questionnaires to every Common Council candidate and every Board of Education candidate. Look for more of the responses we received, in the coming days. Continue reading Norwalk District A Council candidates opine


A Norwalk photo #17

NORWALK, Conn. – This photo was taken Wednesday in East Norwalk, at Roger Ludlow Park. The Third Taxing District lights its tree a different color every month to honor different causes; the tree was gold in September to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and now it’s pink to symbolize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This practice started when the Exchange Club requested that the tree by lit blue to promote domestic violence awareness, TTD Commissioner Deb Goldstein said. “We decided it was such a great idea that we went ahead and created a program to make the tree a different color every month.” The Exchange Club always gets the same month.

This story was updated at 1 a.m. Oct. 8 to add information. 


Opinion: Norwalk is keeping its charm while enhancing its assets

Mayor Harry Rilling. (File photo)

How many other communities in Connecticut have the vibrant urban core of a big city while also having the neighborhood charm seen in small towns? Throw in our coastal resources and abundant open spaces, and you’ll see how Norwalk is a unique gem. People want to live here, raise a family, start a business, plant roots, or retire. Norwalk is a great city, and I am proud to be your Mayor.

The truth is, the Norwalk of today isn’t the same as the Norwalk of yesterday. I feel fortunate to have been born here, raised my kids here, and now being lucky enough to see my grandkids attend Norwalk Public Schools. Through every generation, Norwalk has grown, improved, become safer, and more desirable. I have seen the changes firsthand. I remember the flood of the 1950s that decimated the Wall Street area. I remember being a Norwalk Police Officer working midnights in SoNo and seeing violent crime up close and personal. I remember prime lots of vacant land becoming overgrown and undeveloped. Some might argue that change is bad, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Take it from someone who has lived here for their entire life – Norwalk is not losing its charm or character; it is enhancing the great assets we have. Continue reading Opinion: Norwalk is keeping its charm while enhancing its assets


Norwalk warns of West Ave., Stroffolino Bridge, delays

Sidewalk work is done Sept. 12 in front of The SoNo Collection. It’s time now for paving, so you might want to avoid West Avenue between 7 p.m. Sunday to 4 a.m. Monday, Oct. 6-7.

Updated, 1 p.m.: Stroffolino Bridge schedule has been cut back.

NORWALK, Conn. – Stay away from the SoNo portion of West Avenue tonight, Sunday, Oct. 6. Likewise the Stroffolino Bridge area Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning, and possibly Monday through Wednesday evenings in the coming weeks. Continue reading Norwalk warns of West Ave., Stroffolino Bridge, delays


I’ll clean up my room when grown-ups clean up the planet!

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This letter to the editor was first published on CTMirror.org

Last week the children of the world put a preponderance of the world’s adults on notice that the elders of this planet cannot continue to rob them of their future. And a 16-year old girl gave voice to their concerns, putting the United Nations (and the U.S.) to shame, predicting that little of value would be done to address the coming climate catastrophe. The tepid applause to her impassioned speech was also predictable.  The climate movement is upsetting the status quo.

Those children and young adults came, not just by the thousands, but by the hundreds of thousands.  Millions of children and young people took to the streets to tell the mega corporations, the CEO’S, Wall Street and the politicians of the world that their greed for oil, coal and gas is killing the planet on which we all must live. Continue reading I’ll clean up my room when grown-ups clean up the planet!


Among Connecticut cities and towns, the wealthiest are the big spenders

Frank Accardi, a Westport resident of 25 years, tees off at The Longshore Club Park. (Clarice Silber, CTMIRROR.org)

This is the second article in an occasional series exploring wealth and income inequality in Connecticut and its impact on a state struggling to cope with massive debt. Read the first article here.

When Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin appealed for help to save his municipality from bankruptcy, one response he faced was that the capital city’s big-spending ways had come home to roost.

The perception that Connecticut’s cities, facing struggling schools, poverty, crime and heavily traveled roads, easily outspend their suburban and rural neighbors can be found both around the capital city and elsewhere in the state. Continue reading Among Connecticut cities and towns, the wealthiest are the big spenders


Rilling nets union endorsement; Brinton seeks public input

At left, Republican-endorsed Mayoral candidate Lisa Brinton; at right, Democratic incumbent Mayor Harry Rilling.

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. — The latest in Norwalk election news, primarily concerning the 2019 Mayoral contest:


District A BoE candidates express their views to Norwalk SpEd parents

Norwalk District A Board of Education candidates Godfrey Azima (D), at left, and Alexandra Kemeny (R), at right, during the SpEd Partners forum last week in the Norwalk Public Library.

The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. – Godfrey Azima says he’s learned that he’d rather be part of the solution than be one of the people pointing out problems. Alexandrea Kemeny says she’d love to spend her newfound time after retiring from 31 years as a Norwalk schoolteacher going into the schools and making herself available to parents who have problems.

Azima, a Democrat, and Kemeny, a Republican, are competing to represent District A on the Board of Education. Continue reading District A BoE candidates express their views to Norwalk SpEd parents



NPS looks to upgrade its student counseling services

Lehman College Professor Stuart Chen-Hayes speaks to the Norwalk Board of Education, Tuesday in City Hall.

NORWALK, Conn. — Efforts to “rachet up” Norwalk Public Schools’ student counseling services to reflect national best practices have resulted in a three-year plan, which already in action though it’s not quite complete.

It’s radical: 80% of a counselor’s time should be spent servicing students, not on “inappropriate routine and clerical duties.” Norwalk Public Schools is instead looking to align its counseling program with American School Counseling Association (ASCA) recommended ratios and duties, after “almost a year of thinking and working,” Chief of Specialized Learning and Student Services Yvette Goorevitch said Tuesday. Continue reading NPS looks to upgrade its student counseling services