Meek alleges Dem majority cuts public out of conversation

Lone Republican accuses Council of ‘contempt for anyone who dares participate’

Common Council member Bryan Meek (R-District D), July 12 in City Hall.

NORWALK, Conn. — Common Council member Bryan Meek sees a larger pattern in Council President Tom Livingston (D-District E) refusing his recent request to include an item on the Council agenda. “We have a government firmly in place and mostly unchallenged that does not want the public involved,” Meek said.

Meek, a Republican appointed to represent District D, submitted a resolution for the agenda of the Sept. 27 Council meeting; it pertained to the City’s long-standing high profile lawsuit against real estate broker Jason Milligan. Livingston denied the request. Since the resolution called for a public hearing on the lawsuit, Meek contended that the public was therefore denied its chance to weigh in. Continue reading Meek alleges Dem majority cuts public out of conversation


Norwalk political notes: Meek skips exec session; Moccia remembers; Milligan receives letter

Common Council member Bryan Meek (R-District D) watches the Oct. 17 debate between State Senate District 25 candidates. His Council colleagues were upstairs discussing the “POKO” lawsuit in an executive session with Redevelopment Agency Commissioners.

NORWALK, Conn. — A Norwalk political roundup for you, pertaining to recent Common Council business:

  • Meek leaves before ‘POKO’ discussion
  • Moccia: ‘Never had to deal with that’
  • Milligan warned
  • What caused Council delay?

Continue reading Norwalk political notes: Meek skips exec session; Moccia remembers; Milligan receives letter


Facts matter in Dathan/Mastronardi contest

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James Basch’s letter, published Oct. 23, is erroneous in stating that New Canaan was “gerrymandered into the 142nd District to make it more likely for her (State Representative Lucy Dathan) to win.”

New Canaan was moved into the 142nd district in 2012, long before Lucy ran for this seat. She has only been in office for four years. Continue reading Facts matter in Dathan/Mastronardi contest


A Wall Street train station? ConnDOT says no.

An illustration from the Wall Street Station Feasibility Study, prepared by AECOM Technical Services Inc.

NORWALK, Conn. — In an opinion five years in the making, the Connecticut Department of Transportation recommends against creating a Wall Street train station.

Last week, the State released ConnDOT’s 104-page report, funded in 2017 by a $250,000 State grant. The report was completed in July but City officials met with ConnDOT for a final discussion Oct. 21, according to a PowerPoint presentation provided to NancyOnNorwalk by Norwalk Chief of Economic and Community Development Jessica Vonashek.

“The City of Norwalk thanks CT DOT for conducting a thorough analysis to consider the feasibility of reestablishing a train station in the Wall Street corridor. After examining five locations in the area, their study determined that a station is not feasible,” Vonashek said. “While we are disappointed with the conclusion of their report, we are grateful for the time and effort they spent exploring the potential return of a Wall Street train station.” Continue reading A Wall Street train station? ConnDOT says no.


Dathan’s work ethic needed in the State House

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Lucy Dathan does her homework and then some. She has taken on difficult roles in the legislature and advanced significant policy wins that grew the economy by supporting and incentivizing businesses and provided a pipeline and training for competitive, quality jobs. Her opponent stated in their debate that he didn’t need speaking notes. I was glad Lucy came prepared with hers, because the work she does for us is complex, and there’s just so much of it.

From her position as Vice Chair of Appropriations, seats on the Insurance & Real Estate and Human Services committees, and Medical Oversight Council, Lucy delves into issues with seriousness, perspective, an appetite for details, and the will to collaborate and compromise. I’m glad she’s writing this all down, because together with her colleagues, she has: lowered the business tax rate for unemployment insurance, helped companies earn rebates against insurance premiums and state taxes for meeting job targets, granted high school graduates access to low-interest loans for attending occupational training programs, made direct investments in community nonprofits, helped community providers keep up with inflation, supported CT’s cultural attractions, and more. Continue reading Dathan’s work ethic needed in the State House



Thomas will protect fair and free elections

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We’ve had fair and peaceful transitions of power in this country for more than two centuries. It sickens me to watch our elections being actively undermined by deniers and liars desperately trying to hold onto power. The January 6th Insurrection was something I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

Now more than ever, we need ethical political leaders who will not only protect the integrity of the electoral process, but who will fight passionately to expand and modernize it. Continue reading Thomas will protect fair and free elections


Norwalk needs Lucy Dathan

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Norwalk cannot afford to lose Lucy Dathan as a State Representative. In the last session, the legislature sent $296 million dollars in State funding back to Norwalk. That includes $29.8 million for education funding, as well as $242 million for school construction. It also includes $20.5 million for City projects as well as $9.5 million for non-profits and organizations. All of this means a new Norwalk High School, South Norwalk School, Cranbury Elementary, and Naramake Elementary, as well as increased reimbursement for special education and restored Alliance District funding. The ECS formula has also been reworked to increase funding for Norwalk schools going forward. The funding for non-profits and organizations includes Stepping Stones Museum, the Norwalk Symphony, the Maritime Aquarium, Person to Person, and the Carver Center to name a few.

Lucy played an integral role in all of this as Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee. Lucy is a hard worker. She went through the State budget line by line and attended every hearing, some lasting more than 15 hours. She made good use of her experience as a CPA and former CFO for Norwalk’s benefit. Continue reading Norwalk needs Lucy Dathan


Vote for Stevenson, replace Himes

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I am proud to provide a whole-hearted endorsement of Jayme Stevenson for Congress in CT-4.

This congressional election is a referendum on the 14-year incumbency of Jim Himes.  His tenure is a failure, as evidenced by each of his votes to increase the national debt by some $20 trillion – that’s a debt burden of $171,000 ladled onto the backs of each household in the District.  And that debt will have to be repaid by us – one way or another.  His failure to fight for any balanced budget during his tenure simply demonstrates he has failed at governance and should be retired to the private sector on November 8th. Continue reading Vote for Stevenson, replace Himes


Dathan is right for Connecticut

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Vote for Lucy.

Lucy Dathan is right for Connecticut. Sounds like a slogan, I know, but I really have to say that this could not be more true. I have known Lucy for several years now, and I don’t know of a more committed, hard-working representative who stays in close touch with her community and makes sure to advocate for their needs.

Lucy is a staunch supporter of education, which is very near and dear to me. The amazing thing is that she is not just in support of better education for our kids; she knows that to succeed, we need to expand the reach of education. She worked to increase funding for infant and toddler care programs as well as working on expanding the Birth to Three initiatives. She also supports our teachers by helping to extend the renewal times for teaching certificates and ensuring that teachers receive an uninterrupted thirty minutes for lunch. Continue reading Dathan is right for Connecticut


Vote Thomas for Secretary of State

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Stephanie Thomas has my wholehearted support to become Connecticut’s next Secretary of the State. Stephanie has already proven herself to be a passionate advocate of voter rights. She has worked to protect and expand voter access by helping to pass automatic voter registration and by pushing for early voting and no-excuse absentee ballot voting. Stephanie has a vision for civic education initiatives to make the voting process easily understandable and accessible to everyone.

I believe in Stephanie because I know Stephanie. From the moment I met her I knew she was a mover and shaker. She has always run her business with integrity and transparency and her compassion for others is reflected in her lifelong service to the non-profit sector. She will work diligently to champion transparency in government and strengthen trust in our elections. Continue reading Vote Thomas for Secretary of State


Endorsing Dathan and her many accomplishments

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I hereby endorse Ms. Lucy Dathan as the candidate for the Connecticut 142nd State House District seat.

I have gotten to know Lucy through her work as a member of my community. She possesses the necessary qualifications to continue serving in the 142nd District. She is smart, thoughtful, and she is eager to listen to all people – which is critically important given the current climate of political division. Lucy is tireless in her efforts to assist those in need. When she is not up in Hartford, you will see her at the local shelter, helping at a food drive or assisting constituents resolve matters. Continue reading Endorsing Dathan and her many accomplishments


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