Panel will seek input on children’s mental health services

By Christine Stuart

The Department of Children and Families is teaming up with the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut to hold at least a dozen forums across the state to gather public input on mental health services for children.

CT News Junkie reports that the review of the children’s mental health system was required under the legislation passed last year in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The report that will result from the forums is due to be submitted to the legislature by October.

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  1. longtime resident

    DCF is an embarrassment and a waste of taxpayers’ money. I have dealt with them many times professionally, and they provided mandatory training at my job. “Babies are gonna die, we know that,” said one of the supervisors. Can you imagine?

    When reports are made of abuse or neglect, they now call the home and schedule a visit in advance. Way to go…. I have seen too many instances where they do not follow up on reports and children continue to be mistreated. Sometimes this goes on for months, or years, until there are marks or injuries. Then the damage is done.

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